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    Hi all, new to guns here and recently purchased my first shotgun which I will be taking some classes for and practicing at a range in the near future.

    What are some of the best brands/models of ear protection muffs? I have read that the electronic ones are pretty good, but there seem to be a lot of different choices. I don't mind spending some serious money; after all I only have one set of ears and I have already abused them enough in my foolish youth, so I want to protect what hearing I have left!

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Edited to add: I was considering these:

    Any thoughts on those?
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    I too am slightly new to firearms. I'd fired guns, but I'd only recently aquired some of my own. I Bought some winchester ear muffs from walmart for like $13 and they work just fine for me. If you have a large head or wear shooting glasses, they might present a problem comfort wise, but they do their job.
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    Just a general note- how well a hearing protection device works is indicated by a number- the NRR, or Noise Reduction Ratio- usually marked on the package. The higher the number, the better it works. However, because sound is on a log scale, 1+1 does NOT equal 2. If you have plugs that are 30, and muffs that are 22, wearing both does NOT get you 52.

    Most muffs or plugs work by providing layers of soft material that aborbs sound. Some VERY high tech electronic muffs actually generate sound that is 180 degrees off from the original sound wave- and CANCEL the sound. Other electronic muffs are really just sound deadening muffs with a mike and speaker- which cuts out when sound goes above trigger level.