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  1. Benning Boy

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    Let's face it, we deserve the best.

    We are men of action. Ferociously independent, we are worthy of the finer things. Too often, we settle.

    This is a crime.

    When I was new here, I started a thread about cowboy hats. I learned more on the subject than I knew existed. Since I was only going to buy one once in my life, I wanted to do it right.

    I'm starting three threads about three subjects, and I want everyone's opinion on what the best in each category is.

    Let's clarify "the Best". Most expensive does not mean best. A Zippo cigarette lighter isn't the most expensive, nor is it the cheapest. But it has stood the test of time. If you purchase one today, you could concievably pass it down to your grandchild.

    If these are well recieved, we can do more, and anybody can start one. Just title the thread "BOTB: subject".

    Let's whittle away the trash, and determine the Best of the Best, my friends.
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    great idea!! Too bad I read the 1911 thread before this one,lol. :)

  3. TXnorton

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    The concepts of Quality, Value and Cost are often all mixed up in people’s minds. Likewise the concept of “best”, where personal opinion often overshadows all other considerations.

    In my business, optimum “Quality” is achieved when a product or service is fit for the purpose intended, and meets the specifications established for that product or service, and is available at a reasonable "Cost". The addition of “gold plating” or added “bells and whistles” most often are above and beyond the required specifications and do not add “Value”. What they do add is “Cost”, which then actually detracts from the “Quality”.

    In this definition, a plain vanilla government issue .45 ACP would rank high in the “Quality” ranking, as it certainly meets all of the required “specifications”, and can be had at a reasonable “Cost”. A high dollar customized Kimber (just as an example) has many more neat and nice to have features and certainly is more expensive, but would not increase the “Value” in terms of the original specs. The Kimber would certainly increase the “Cost” of obtaining the intended “Quality”

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  4. Benning Boy

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    And this is where it gets slippery.

    A custom 1911 is far superior to out the box, but only to the person for whom it was customized.

    Price is certainly a factor, and sometimes you get what you pay for. Sometimes, that gold plating adds to the price, but actually detracts from both form and function.

    I'm reaching for a consensus on the best 2 or 3 in a given subject.

    Back in the cowboy hat thread, I was presented with 2 or 3 brands that stood out from a hundred others. Of course, the style, color, etc. was up to me.
  5. Rentacop

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    Limmer hiking boots.

    The Army's Gore-tex Parka and pants

    The Air Force's N3B parka.

    Honda's 4 Cyl. engines for pep and durability.

    The Mad Bomber Hat for warmth... Bean's Maine Guide Hat for all-around utility.

    The Japanese swords for best edged weapon.

    Blackhawk! for possibly the most rugged gear.

    Leatherman Wave for best multi-tool.

    Snap-on Tools

    Fumento's " The Myth of Heterosexual Aids " as a best book. Also Manchester's " American Caesar " , Sun Tzu's " The Art Of War ", " Bad Blood ", " Black Cat Raiders of WWII "....