Best Motion Sensor Game Camera?

Discussion in 'Hunting Forum' started by Vikingdad, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. Vikingdad

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    I need a couple of good game cameras and would like to know which ones work for you and which don't work as well. I tried a Wildgame Innovations camera but the field of view is pretty narrow plus I can't manipulate the pictures (zoom in/out etc.) at all. I would like to be able to load the pics onto photoshop or something so I can look at details and such.

    Cost is not really an issue but I would like to keep it under $200 each. I would also like to have a camera that uses SD memory chips so I can swap out fresh chips in the field and bring them home to view them in detail.

    This is to monitor a spring site for bad guys (who steal the water to grow dope) so I need to be able to identify people in the photos, so resolution is a plus. I am not too concerned about night pics because these guys don't work at night, but it would be nice to catch a pic of a lion while looking for bad guys.
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    I have had several cameras over the past years. And I can not say they have given me that good of service. That was until I started buying Primos TruthCam 60s. I have had two in continuous use for over a year now and they have not given me any problems. They take good pictures day and night. Battery life is more than reasonable. Mine also take a lot of wildlife pictures. Bear, Deer, Turkey, Fox, Bob Cat, Coons and anything else that happens to wander through. Recently a Calico Deer Doe! Of Course for your application you want to secure them for sure in something they can not be removed or damaged by who ever. They are the best I have found so far!


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    I have had pretty good luck with the Bushnell Trophy Cams.They take great pictures and video,and the trigger system is also good.They could use a little farther range,but I am happy with them.
    They also use AA batteries,and will last for several months,even if you set it to take a bunch of pics,or video.They are also very easy to set up.
  4. Vikingdad

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    Range was one of the disappointments with the Wildgame camera I tried, in broad daylight in my tests where I would go downrange some 50 feet and walk towards and across the camera aim point after waiting for it to reset it wouldn't pick me up until I was within about 25 feet. This was in addition to the field-of-view issue.

    As to security I will build some bombproof housings that will be locked and bolted to trees. This is a remote area and accessible only on foot (seriously, no question about it and please don't reply to this thread saying that I am nuts.) so the bad guys will not have the tools needed to pry open the housing I will make. Everything they have has to be packed in on foot.
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    have to agree here. i scooped a bushnell trophy cam a few months back and was happy with its performance for the same reasons....small, good pics, good response or motion sensors, and decent battery life and <$200.00