Best Mauser 98k style rifle for cheap?

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by TheDesertFox, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. TheDesertFox

    TheDesertFox New Member

    Well I'm saving up for another surplus rifle and was hoping to get a nice Mauser 98k style rifle. Can anyone recommend a specific rifle that is both cheap and accurate. Has to be under $300
  2. sputnik1988

    sputnik1988 Active Member

    At that price I would look at the Yugo 24/47s and M48s, same action.

    But your wanting of a Kar98k can only be solved with a real 98, the Yugoslav guns are nice, but don't substitute them for a nice German Mauser. What im trying to say is... BUY BOTH!:p;)
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  3. zaitsev44

    zaitsev44 Active Member

    I've been hunting too. I've found that the Yugo M24/47 for $209 at Samco Global Arms is the cheapest Mauser I've found. I've seen some around the $250-300 range on Gunbroker for the M24/47 and M48s. An alternative is the Turkish Mauser, they average around $200 but I've seen them for about $125, but they have been used a lot!