Best Loads in 5.56 For The Mini 14

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    I have a mini 14 and a few loads that have worked well for me are the following: Warning, these work for me, you should start lower and work up when trying any load. I take no responsibility for the info presented.
    Do start lower, don't just use my loads, these loads are for information only.

    All loads were made using LC 09 5.56 cases. Commercial, not military. All bullets received a low to moderate crimp with a Lee Factory Crimp Die. If you don't have one, get one. $12.00 and it gives the best crimp you can get.

    55 Grn FMJ, 25.0 Grns of AA2230, CCI 400 Primers. This load seems to work well in a lot of Mini's. 26.0 is the listed max in my reloading book. It works well in both the older and newer minis with a 1-10 to 1-9 twist.

    62 Grn SS109 Grn Tip Bullet, 24.5 Grns IMR 4895, CCI 400 primers, this is a fairly hot load, compressed, but gave me a best 5 shot group of 1.17" @ 100 yds.
    I was more than a little surprised with this load, the SS bullets are not known for their accuracy. The group even had one called flier in it.
    To keep it honest, 4 rounds were in the 1.17", the called flier was not included in that measurement. The people I was with were as surprised as I was.
    Being a fairly hot load, start much lower and work your way up, this one starts to flaten primers, but no case expantion or case head expantion above the norm in my tactical Mini. Do not start at 24.5 Grns, go lower. Bullets were loaded so they just fit in the Mag, so they have a longer OOL then the loading manuel recommended.

    Last load, 69 Grn Sierra Matchking, 23.0 IMR 8208 XBR powder, CCI 400 Primers. This load is a lighter load, 23.8 Grns is the listed max. Bullets were seated to just fit in the Mini magazine.
    I got my best group ever with the Mini, 5 shots, @ 100, .092".
    This is a great powder, it was a discontinued Match powder, brought back by popular demand. It works from -40 degrees to 140 degrees without pressure change. Get some and work with it. It works fantactic in AR's also.

    Every rifle like different loads. Varget works great in many 5.56 rifles, mine doesn't like it, same with several other powders. Guns are all different.
    Tac powder works OK in mine, just not the best. Tac is a very good powder because it has a low pressure curve so it's easier on your weapon and harder to overload. Really great powder. Some get excellent accuracy with it.
    Give TAC a try with the a heavier bullet, 69 grnss and above in 22 cal.

    These were posted to give a try if you have a Mini. Please, start lower and work up looking for pressure signs. I have found my Mini prefers hotter loads for best accuracy, but I try my best to stay aways from Max loads. Never load any hotter than necessary for best acuracy and never go over max recommended loads, always start low and work up, looking for pressure signs.

    I'm waiting for summer to work up some loads in my tactical with regular 69 Gr bullets as well as 53 and 60 Grn Match bullets (I'm butt deep in snow now, high temps in the 20's, low 30's when lucky). I also want some good loads with the Hornady V-Max bullets in several weights.
    The Tactical Ruger with it's 1-9 twist seems to work with 53 to 69 Grn bullets the best.

    In case your wondering, my rifle still has the stock barrel, but has had several mods made to it to increase the accuracy, several which are posted in the Mini section.

    You AR guys, your on your own:p;):D, but do try the IMR 8208 XBR, lots of sub MOA groups in good shooting AR's from this powder.

    I'd like to hear from other Mini owners as to their favorite loads.

    John K
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