Best Loads for a 1903 Springfield

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    Hey all, not sure if this belongs here or in the Curios/Relics thread, but either way, my roommate just inherited his great uncle's '03 Springfield. He does not know much about firearms but I have taken him to the range a few times this semester and have given him some lessons on safety and the sort.

    However, in my reading and digging around I have heard that some of the later production Springfield chambers tend to kind of "blow up" under the modern .30-06 chamber pressures.

    Should he stick to buying surplus ammo or are there modern rounds that are acceptable?

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    Early model springfields under 250k ish for springfield and under 850k for the other pre ww1 maker cant remember the name off hand are subject to reciever failure.

    All serial numbers above 900,000 are safe

    Modern 30-06 is designed to be safe in pressure set by the 1903 springfields.

    Modern 30-06 is not safe to use in unmodified m1 garands. The operating rods can be bent if they dont have a schuster type plug installed