Best holster I ever bought

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    Love my new holster.

    I searched seemingly forever looking for a cross draw holster for my Ruger Alaskan 454 Casull and couldn’t find one till I stumbled upon Craft Holsters. They don’t sell them “off the shelf” but let me tell you, it’s worth the wait. The only holster I’ve ever bought that comes close to the craftsmanship of my Craft Holster cost me over $300.00 for a shoulder holster. The price of Craft Holsters is like off the shelf while you get a custom made one.

    I love cross draw holsters, they’re easy to get to the firearm, especially sitting in your car to ward off carjackers and doesn’t impede sitting in narrow seats with are rests. The holster itself fits like a glove and it just so happens I don’t have to break this one in. I love the snap on the retention strap. You’ll see in the picture it has a metal piece that goes up to were you push to release the strap making it full proof and easy. I have some holsters that I can only hope I get unsnapped before I get shot. The leather is high quality, the stitching is superb and I’m so glad I’m this happy with it since I ordered one for another gun before this one got delivered. I see myself replacing several of my holsters with Craft Holsters.

    Beautiful stitching and molding


    Tab that I mentioned that makes releasing the retention strap so easy.


    Fits like a glove and very comfortable to wear.

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    My owb holster is great, still looking for the perfect iwb holster.. I have one, just hoping it needs broke in. Left me a small bruise after about 6 hours of wearing it.. 20190929_214417.jpeg

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    That's one hell,of,a round for cc..
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    nice looking holster
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    That’s what I was thinking o_O
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    You do know you can run .45 Colt in a .454, right? No differrent than carrying a Judge, or me carrying my Governor.

    On Craft Holsters, I have a few of them, including the leg bag one my wife uses for carrying compact pistols, in a discrete manner. Yes, you are ordering from a company in Europe, so there will be a bit more of a wait, but their products are top notch, at a decent price.
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    Yes. I have a 460 that can run all of them..

    Note, not my actual picture. But I have one. sw460-up_preview-600x397.jpeg