best goose hunting shotgun for 13 year old.

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  1. shaneo206

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    just want to get ur opinions on best goose hunting shotgun for 13 year old male. He is not recoil sensitive(only shot 2.75 inch #6 birdshot, didn't mind it). But has never hunted. Currently using remington 870 wingmaster 12 gauge. Opinions please.

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  2. Minionsram

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    If the ole 870 fits him well and it patterns well, I see nothing wrong with it, many hunters and hunters sons have used that firearm for harvesting game. I love the 870 and think it's a great choice:)

  3. hunter Joe

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    You will find that auto-loading shot guns have less-felt recoil. This will possibly move him up to 3" loads designed for waterfowl.
  4. Rex in OTZ

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    12 ga is what I learned on and got the hell kicked outta me.

    My first shotgun was a Old full size Long Tom savage single shot 12ga with full choke, the first time I shot it I thought I broke my nose, it dident help after that, I flinched allot and missed quite a few simple shots.
    I"m starting my boy out with a 20 gage, seems he isant getting beat around and he 's stll small (10yro) so he has a time of it just holding it up let alone getting beat by recoil as he would useing a 12ga.
    a 20 ga with a youth stock and swap to adult stock later as they grow
    its like giving your kid a 26" cruser bicycle to learn on, yea they might get it to go but they wont enjoy it much as it doesent fit as well as a 16" BMX something they can handle well and have fun mastering
    A tool that fits ther stature is a fun tool, is a used tool = confidence in the field.
  5. Virginian

    Virginian Active Member

    Depends on the kid. I was a big kid, and I started getting serious about ducks when I was 13 with a Stevens 311 12 gauge shooting Peters 1-1/4 oz duck loads. Recoil was no problem, but I wanted a third shot, and I was also a big dove hunter, and I became a big skeet shooter. When I was 15, I got an 1100, and never looked back. If you are willing to spend a bit more on Hevi-shot or tungsten matrix shells, and wait until they are in range, you can definitely kill geese with a 2-3/4" 12 gauge, and if he is already shooting a Wingmaster I would say you are there. I "graduated" to a 3" Wingmaster when I was 26. I was thinking about it, and a buddy's brother let me borrow his for dove hunting. I killed 12 doves with 16 shots, and I was sold. I never shot another gun, before or since, as well as I did the Wingmaster I bought 6 days after that dove hunt.
  6. dragonsmith

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    i concur that an autoloader would be a great gun for heavy magnum loads,with a young shooter, i might also suggest you go with a beretta al390 or 391 and you can even get them with composite stocks. The beretta operating system only uses enough gas to cycle the action and all other gases are vented safely out. This system is extremely effective for managing felt recoil and i know of no other operating system that is more reliable, efficient or able to go for extended periods of time under heavy shooting conditions without being cleaned, and function reliably every time.
  7. davemccarthy707

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    A Japanese Browning Auto-5 with the invector chokes. 3 inch mag version. Set it up for the 2 3/4 shells for now then when he gets bigger he can move up to the 3 inch magnums.
  8. Davyboy

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    Check out the Benneli comfort full power less recoil.
  9. .22hustler

    .22hustler New Member

    Just about any shotgun larger than 20ga will do the trick. Just remember your effective killing range, it will change with gauge and load.