Best Full Size, HK45 or Glock 21?

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by Dizzll, Jul 14, 2012.

  1. Dizzll

    Dizzll New Member

    I can't find anyone with a HK45 to shoot. I want a full size 45acp weapon. I have a gen3 21 and it is a fantastic weapon but I shot an older Mark 3 (I think that was it with the threaded barrel) USP 45 that was so accurate it was scary. My only issue is accuracy and reliability. Money is no object for this weapon. Any opinions or experiences you can share about the comparison is appreciated...
  2. Tackleberry1

    Tackleberry1 New Member

    Personally I'm not a fan of either platform. I hate Glocks grip angle and the HK .45 is like holding onto a 2x4.

    I also think the HK's are grossly overpriced for a poly framed gun.

    IMHO 2 superior choices would be either the Sig P220 or "if high cap is a must" the XDM .45

    Just my .02 cents


  3. gearhead396

    gearhead396 Active Member

    I agree with tack on the glock and hk statement mabey check out a 1911 they are really nice full size 45s and deadly accurate I'm not a big fan of poly framed guns
  4. GunRunner

    GunRunner New Member

    I also agree with Tack but I was thinking Sig 220X6

    Accuracy and Reliability
    Its pricey but money is no object

  5. oli700

    oli700 New Member

    CZ 97B, anything but a 2x4....more like they sculpted the grip for a human hand

  6. bostonscottkelly

    bostonscottkelly New Member

    I own a gen 2 Glock 21 & have shot an HK .45 acp.....Glock is a better fit for is a real workhorse as I haven't done a great job maintaining it & it's still fundamentally as great as the day I took it out if the box. Glock 21 is a bad a'' weapon & is definitely my shtf sidearm of choice
  7. loctite44144

    loctite44144 New Member

    Try the s&w mp45 the grips fill a lot better then the glock
  8. Nat_Turner

    Nat_Turner New Member

    G21 gen 4 vs HK 45

    I own and love my Glocks. I own a G27 gen 4 and a G21 gen 4. I just shot the HK 45. I loved it. I was very accurate with that gun. I can only imagine how I would shoot with the HK USP 45. I want that more so than Kimber 1911 Raptor II. The HK shoots better than my G21. Are there any down sides to the HK 45 or the HK USP 45?
  9. willfully armed

    willfully armed Active Member

    Hmm... anyone who doesn't like HK, I'm guessing doesn't own one.

    The HK, hands down is better than the glock. And I'm a glock fanboy. I compete with them( g34, g34, g17 and g20).

    I'm also a huge HK fan, and they are better.
  10. SSGN_Doc

    SSGN_Doc Well-Known Member

    The HK feels nicer to shoot than the G21 to me. But I don't like it enough over the G21 to spend the extra on it, and extra mags for what HK wants for them.

    The G21 shoots about as accurate for less money, and maintaining it costs less as well.
  11. scottmac

    scottmac New Member

    I have an H&K45c and love it, though it is a recent purchase (~ a month and 300 rounds or so). It's accurate, it's comfortable, and recoil seems softer than the 1911 or Sig 220 (with a reminder that this is the compact version). The variant I have is DA first shot, SA subsequent OR SA cocked & locked first shot. The frame safety is also a de-cocking lever. There are also DA-only flavors.

    I also have a few .45 1911s, from Kimber and Colt (also 10mm from both). I like the 1911s but they too have some drawbacks.

    I had (traded it off) a Sig 220. I will get another one, it was a fabulous shooter, easy to maintain, and extremely reliable.

    The last time I was at the gun shop, the sales person showed me the new(er?) FN; higher capacity (double stack mag ~15 rounds IIRC), DA/SA, frame safety that doubles as a de-cocker (like the H&K 45 of similar variant), and grip inserts to tailor the feel and comfort level to the shooter.
    All-in-all it looks pretty slick. I'm waiting for them to send one to the range rental rack so I can try it out. Price-wise, it's pretty reasonable.

    When I was looking for a new .45, I was waiting to see / try the S&W M&P, but the shop(s) I went to only had the DA-only version.

    I'm not a Glock fan, I had one years ago(9mm) and swapped it off. I'm not comfortable with the trigger safety. I'm not saying they're bad, it's just not a style that I'm comfortable with.

    Between the two you mentioned, I favor the H&K (obviously, since I bought one). I haven't seen the accuracy or reliability of the FN, but it might be worth checking out ... same for the S&W, it feels like a really nice piece.

    Sorry about the waffle, but it's all so subjective ... what's good for me isn't necessarily good for you. Go with what feels best to you and has a good reputation; chances are in your favor you'll end up with a winner.
  12. drvsafe

    drvsafe New Member

    Can we mention price? I think it's a 2:1 ratio. I believe tou can buy 2 Glocks for the price of the one HK. Having said that, there is a reason for that as well. And that the HK is awesome to shoot.
  13. Fathead00

    Fathead00 New Member

    All I can say is what feels comfortable to you is what you carry!! $hit I carry my Glock 35 as my weapon of choice!:)
  14. KeysKelly

    KeysKelly New Member

    Not too fond of either here but comparing a HK to a Glock is like comparing a Kia to a Mercedes. If money is no object go with the HK for sure. If you want to keep in a Glock budget get the XD.
  15. 75370

    75370 New Member

    Here's my HK Elite.
    It will easily outshoot any other Auto I own, except my Kimber Classic Gold Match, and even then it's a tie.
    I like the fact that you can carry them either DA/SA, or cocked and locked such as a 1911 style.

  16. Gh0zt36

    Gh0zt36 Active Member

    I was going to get a HK but they don't make a 10mm
  17. ryguy00

    ryguy00 New Member

    I own an hk. You want a downside? Here it is: PRICE. Yep. Price. That is all. Price is the one and only downside. Ive heard their customer service sucks and isnt very friendly. But then again, if you have an hk, you probably wont be needing it so i dont consider that a downside. You can be the biggest @sshole on the planet but if i never need to talk to you, it wont bother me one bit. So yeah, price. Ohh wait, you said price is no object??? Well then, enjoy!
  18. msup752

    msup752 New Member

    I have owned both and also XDM in .45. The HK was the best looking gun and ran very well. It broke a leaf spring which left the hammer unable to cock (always rested on the back of the firing pin under tension). I sent it to HK and they fixed it in two weeks with nothing more than a RMA number (no proof of ownership, receipt of purchase) I got after making a quick phone call.
    With mags costing $45 or more and used HK's fetching $1k prices at the LGS, I cashed it out I'm a private sale.
    The high end SOCOM and elite models might be worth it to a pro shooter but I could get a Glock and an XDM for one HK.
    I do love the P7's though. The mags for them are even more expensive!
  19. drvsafe

    drvsafe New Member

    That was what I was trying to say as well. Great but pricey.

    And the P7 is one of my favorite guns of all time. I'd love a P7M8 but; to find one is tough and the. Be willing to drop $1200-$1500 for it?? Well...
  20. locutus

    locutus Well-Known Member Supporter

    I own a Glock 21, 1911A1 converted to match grade, and a SIG P220.

    All 3 are fun to shoot. The Glock has high Capacity, the custom 1911 has incredible accuracy, (at the expense of reliability, unfortunately) and when I carry one for personal protection, it's ALWAYS, without exception, the SIG P220.

    If I could keep only one of them, it would be the SIG.