Best Early Warning Dog Breeds?

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by Mouser, Jul 26, 2013.

  1. Mouser

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    Having an alarm system for your home is most reassuring, but a good old fashioned growling, barking .... maybe biting dog? might be an edge a homeowner would want to buy enough time to either bug out or arm and defend.

    What breeds and/or training do you think would be best and why?

    Personally, I would want a well-mannered but protective dog that is quiet until someone knocks on the door. One big enough to make an intruder second guess their decision! I like Labrador Retrievers, but mine would just wag their tale to any stranger....I would not want a real aggressive dog that would pose a biting risk to neighborhood kids and the mailman either....maybe a German Shepard?
  2. danf_fl

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    I have a yorkie mixed that picks up when someone pulls in the driveway or walks by on the street.
    She barks enough that the others chime in and have no idea what they are barking at.

  3. orangello

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    My mother's beagle alerts the neighborhood from inside the house everytime I stop by there. Hound-type dogs have good hearing, good sense of smell, and a VERY solid bark to alert you & the rest of the neighborhood.

    Of course, my late grandmother had a basketball-sized (in all ways) Chihuahua that chased a burglar out of her hood apartment. Sposedly the guy dove out a window without opening it.
  4. Jagermeister

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  5. 25-5

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    My Brittany did a fine job. Day or night. Trick is to not reprimand barking, and praise them for it when appropriate. Attack and biting never occurred.
    I always new when the mail arrived. A smart breed.
  6. limbkiller

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    Pitbulls, Rotts and Chihuahua's are the best. All will bark at the slightest noise and alert you. All three will defend you if you have a good dog.
  7. JD1969

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    Both of my last two Labs have been great alarms. I don't think they would actually do much if someone got inside, but I don't need them for that.
    The exception would be if someone was trying to hurt my kids, especially my current Lab. Those kids are his whole world.
    A couple months ago, I had a guy snooping around my driveway late at night, turns out it was a drunk guy taking a piss, but Cooper let me know about it with plenty of time to grab a pistol and see what was going on.
  8. Vikingdad

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    I have two dogs. One is a Springer Spaniel, he is worthless as a watchdog because he is stone deaf. Not sure he would be any good with good hearing though. Just never showed any signs of it.

    The other one is a Coonhound mix. She is formidable. Barks like Cerberus when anyone not in her "pack" approaches the house. The only people she accepts are my immediate family and the two Mexican families on the property, all of whom she has known since she was a pup. Since we are somewhat remote she has gotten very little socialization, and since she bit a bicyclist a few years back she has been even more isolated form others. She is very well loved within the family though, and just as protective of them as a dog can be.

    I hear Coonhounds are typically this way.
  9. primer1

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    Any dog that is trained right, imo.
  10. Vikingdad

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    Did you interrupt him mid-stream?:p
  11. onenut58

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    Red or Blue healers are mid size dogs that are half dingo great in the house and wilderness and will alert you to any thing and wont back off from any thing. I have one.
  12. duddie10

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    My girlfriends grandmother has a 110lb german shepherd. The a good dog once he knows you. Wont let any one in the yard if he doesent. Hes also a very obediant dog. Hes never on a leash and the yard is all his. Wont bark or go after any one unless they cross onto the driveway.
  13. Steel_Talon

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    Rotties and a Miniature Schnauzer make up my early warning system.... Rotties give visual deterrents, tend not to socialize bark with other dogs, and have a big throaty boom when they cut loose.

    The Mini Schnauzer walks around and thinks hiz Pelotas clank like Hells Bells...He has a warrior heart, can sense when a family member or friend is coming before the rest of us come to the same realization. And if anything comes near or into the house little King Leonidas lets them know "This IS Sparta!"

    Both these breeds are lovable, protective, loyal family members
  14. Axxe55

    Axxe55 The Apocalypse Is Coming.....

    if a person can have one, then a large dog outside is always a good deterent. and it doesn't have to be aggresive either. someone meaning ill intent doesn't know if the dog is aggresive or not and if it's large enough, they generally don't want to risk finding out.

    a dog on the iside of the house is a good deterent if it's a barker. if a person again is meaning ill intent and they hear a barking dog within the house, they have no idea as to whether it's large or small or aggresive or passive.

    i know of people that have large aggresive dogs, that if their home was wide open and nothing locked an were gone for a couple of days, they would more than likely return to find things just as they left them!

    having a barking dog is just another good source of warning and protection. i have found the more i spoil mine, the more protective of us they are. they love getting attention and treats!
  15. JW357

    JW357 New Member

    I agree.

    For us, we have four dogs. The Miniature Schnauzer is the one who starts the barking. Then the others follow. Our Great Dane's bark I imagine would be terrifying to someone breaking into our room in the dead of night.

    Plus she's huge. One of the sweetest dogs I've ever had, and I have almost no confidence she will attack someone if needed, but she's physically huge and her bark matches. Definitely intimidating. A perfect early warning system.

    Let's see... I think a picture is in order...

    The brown medium sized one is a German Shepherd mix, to give you some sense of the Dane's size.


  16. TankTop

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    Most any dog should work well, even those who bark at anything. I had a dog which barked at most things, but his tone changed dramatically when there was an intruder and everyone immediately knew it! Unfortunately this particular intruder happened to be a new mailman... Didn't hurt him but he did pin him to a wall outside the front door and shredded his pant leg. Anyway, the sound of your dog barking at the neighbor kid and barking, snarling and ripping into a bad guy are very distinct.
  17. hairbear1

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    Agree 100%. I've got a Red cattle dog and he's a good alarm system as even people walking out on the street raise either the hackles or he growls/ barks and he's always in the backyard.
    During the day if we're at home he'll lick you to death or want to play but at night or when we're not home he's a different dog.

    These are fiercely protective and loyal to their "family" and their reputation here in Australia is such that even 1 that is a complete ***** has that "reputation" behind it of being an aggressive breed.
  18. Josh1158

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    The best ones ive had are my current ametican bull/ pit mix and a great dane. Ive seen people cross the street to walk by my house lol. The dane sounded like a train comming down the hall way and when he hit the door the whole house moved alittle. He could look at you over the privacy fence too. His bark would scare people away long before they even seen him.
  19. ctshooter

    ctshooter New Member

    My Akita has a very unsettling bark and she is about 90 lbs. I know I wouldn't chance it if I didn't know her. Plus she rarely barks, so when she does the pistol comes out.

    My Shepard/chow/pit mix also nasty bark and has an attitude to match.

    The wife's Pomeranian is quite the early warning system, I swear when she is barking she is saying to the other two " hey guys I heard something!!! Go check"
  20. zaitsev44

    zaitsev44 Active Member

    +1! I have a blue heeler. He will bark at people walking down the sidewalk (it's about 15 yards from the fence). He will defend anyone he knows. He's loyal, obedient, and protective.