Best concealed carry pistol?

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by Jer, Feb 20, 2020.

  1. Jer

    Jer New Member

    I'm looking for a great pistol to use for concealed carry, I don't want anything tiny, just nothing full-size, etc - so please, link me to your ideas. I'll be greatly appreciative.

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  2. primer1

    primer1 Well-Known Member Supporter

    Semi auto or revolver? Price range? Caliber? 9mm is a good starter caliber in semi auto, 38special is good for revolvers.

    Go to a big Box store and find what fits your hand and is comfortable to grasp. Find the size of grip and barrel length you want. A range that rents can be very helpful. Then go to a small privately owned store and order what you want.

    Oh, and welcome to the forum.

  3. sheepdawg

    sheepdawg Well-Known Member Supporter

    Sig P365 is the rave right now, good capacity and they seem to have worked all the bugs out by now. Springfield's new Hellcat just hasn't been around long enough for me to trust it. S&W Shield has sold 3 million plus. Very reliable. I'm carrying a Kahr CW40 at the moment. It's by far the most comfortable at 16.8 ozs. empty and flatter than anything else I've seen. More accurate than the previous two and the 40 S&W just doesn't kick that hard in it. Kahr specializes in carry guns.

    Don't pinch pennies on a carry, after all this is for your protection. If you just stay with a proven brand you should be fine. Glock, H&K, Beretta, all make fine carry guns. Go to a range that rents guns and find one you are comfortable with.
  4. Ghost1958

    Ghost1958 Well-Known Member

    If a 9mm or 45 the Ruger American compact .is IMO far and away the best cc pistol.

    Or the Rugersr9c or 40c.

    Have had Glocks Smith M&P. SD VE
    and host of others.
    The Rugers mentioned above conceal easily and can do double duty as home defense with included extended mags.
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  5. Sniper03

    Sniper03 Supporting Member Supporter


    When I can hide it easily, I carry a Springfield XDS in 45 ACP.
    When carrying when I can not conceal a pistol easily I carry a Khar P-380 in a DeSantis Nylon Ankle Holster. It is so easy to carry and comfortable that I have to remind myself I have it on!:)

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  6. PaBushMan

    PaBushMan Well-Known Member

    Jer your going to get large variety of what we all like. Only you can decide what is best for you.
  7. Gatoragn

    Gatoragn Well-Known Member Supporter

    Sig P365 or P365XL.
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  8. aarondhgraham

    aarondhgraham Well-Known Member

    There is no "best" carry pistol.

    In threads asking that, all you get,,,
    Is a long list of everyone's favorite handgun.

    After 4-5 pages of responses you will have seen,,,
    The name of just about every pistol on the market.

    Take Primer1's advice:

    My addition to this is the importance of a gun feeling good in your hand,,,
    If it doesn't fit your hand the finest gun made is a poor choice.

    Stay with the top name brands such as Ruger, Sig Sauer, S&W, or Beretta,,,
    But remember, if the gun doesn't make you smile when you handle it,,,
    It's probably not the best choice for you.


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  9. PeeJay1313

    PeeJay1313 Well-Known Member Supporter

    A loaded one.. lol.......
    I love my Kimber ultra II in 9mm.. Not to small, not to big..
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  10. sheepdawg

    sheepdawg Well-Known Member Supporter

    I feel he needs to do more than just fondle a pistol at the LGS. What might be comfortable in his hand may shoot like crap so I think a range that rents various pistols to shoot is a better choice.
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  11. RJF22553

    RJF22553 Well-Known Member

    My CCW is a Bersa Thunder .380 Combat. Is about 21oz, fits very well in an Uncle Mike's pocket holster, which fit well into my jeans' back pocket. The "Combat" model is the most comfortable for my small frame (5'10" and 128 lbs), and it has molded rubberized grips (other models have poly grips). 8+1 DA/SA, with a de-cocker. Simple to tear down into three component parts (takes about three seconds). It also takes the Bersa DLX mags (9 rounds, with a pinky grip): I also carry that as a spare mag."
    They also make a Thunder .380 Plus, which carries 15+1, but extra mags for that are hard to come by.

    Have had my Bersa for about six years and have not even had the suggestion of a jamb or malfunction. I only shoot FMJ, which is fine for penetration. I love it!

    Just my 2¢ worth...
  12. aarondhgraham

    aarondhgraham Well-Known Member

    Which is why I said take Primer1's advice about going to a gunshop that rents guns.


  13. Pasquanel

    Pasquanel Proud to be an American Supporter

    These are in my cc rotation, the LC9 I carried for many years the lcp when the utmost discretion was necessary the Sig 938 for dress up. Lately the Walther PPS is with me more often and the PPK the least often but I do carry it sometimes. The Beretta PX4 SC for it's capacity.

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  14. JimRau

    JimRau Well-Known Member Supporter

    If you are already a 'shooter' and have the proper training and A LOT of practice I would recommend a semi-auto, BUT if you do not fit that mold, GET A GOOD 38 REVOLVER, J-frame size. Just some advise from an old fart who has been training LE and civilians for SD for 35+ years.;)

    PANDEMIC Well-Known Member

    I never went to a range to rent out guns when I first started picking out what carry gun I wanted. A lot of it was just looking online and youtubing the comparisons of a variety that I was interested in. Caliber is something that I did a lot of homework on in deciding which one I liked and which one was affordable.

    Primer is right on the price range that you have, what caliber, semi-auto or revolver etc.

    I'm a 9mm guy, and at my LGS a lot of deciding was what was in my price range, what felt good in my hands, the capacity of the mag if its a semi-auto, how the slide racks, how it feels when using the mag release button, slide catch, changing mags, how it feels holding it one handed or two handed, and of course whether you want it full size, sub compact etc. You said you don't want something tiny but nothing full size either, trying out a few at a LGS is where you'll find what fits you best. I like full size IMO, but I have tried a variety of small sizes and sub compacts and I have big hands so a full size works perfect for me. Those are some little details that I like to look for when choosing a carry gun. Same goes with choosing a good brand. Glock, Beretta, Sig Sauer, Ruger, S&W, H&K are some off the top of my head.

    But if its easier, a gun range where you can rent out a variety to try may be a faster way in seeing which one you really like and what works best for you.
  16. CMAB2SA

    CMAB2SA Active Member

    Rent one at gun range or shoot friends before buying.

    Compact 9's are probably the best all around since ammo can be had for 16 to 17 PR for range ammo.

    I personally really like alien gear holsters and that is the other thing to consider.

    The best gun is the one that you shoot best, comfortable for you to carry and shoots at least 1,000 rounds without failure before actually trusting your life with it.
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  17. JTJ

    JTJ Well-Known Member Supporter

    1st of all I take it you are not a cop. You do not need the same capacity.
    2nd what can you control right now? Caliber and weight is important.
    3rd are you an experienced shooter or have you considered instruction?
    4th how much time and money are you willing to expend on practice?
    The 9mm is the cheapest center fire round. Practice ammo if bought in bulk is around 16 cents a round. Depending on your experience level it will take 500 to 1000 rounds to get decent. Good will take a lot more. Get a gun that is heavy enough to control the round you choose. A light weight gun you can not control is a liability. You can lighten up later when you are more proficient.
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  18. JTJ

    JTJ Well-Known Member Supporter

    Practice ammo bulk prices. 1000 rounds shipped + tax. I did not include steel or aluminum cased ammo which will be cheaper. Some guns just wont work with them.
    9x19 16 cents
    380 20 cents
    32 acp 20 cents
    38 spl 26 cents
    40 S&W 22 cents
    45 acp 28 cents
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  19. sheepdawg

    sheepdawg Well-Known Member Supporter

    I hope you forgot to put an a in that first sentence.:eek::eek::eek:+

    I hope you accidentally put a un before comfortable. You want something that's comfortable and gives you no excuse to not carry it. I'm 6' 3" and weigh 300 lbs. so quite a few popular carries are pretty hard on my gut. That's why I carry what I do. After a few minutes I don't even know it's there. A good holster and gun belt make a bunch of difference too, don't skimp on either.
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  20. CMAB2SA

    CMAB2SA Active Member

    Thanks spell check! All better now.
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