Best Conceal and Carry Holster for beer gut guys

Discussion in 'Concealed Carrying & Personal Protection' started by youngridge, Feb 24, 2017.

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    Picked up my LCP on Wednesday and received my Talon pocket holster last night. It’s a bit stiff and looks like a jumbo square wallet in my front pocket. Back pocket is better and I’m wearing khaki’s right now. I told a coworker what I was getting so now I’m going to see how long it takes him to notice. It feels a bit large to me but other may not notice. I’ll take photos later...
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    Simple, yet Elegant.

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    I ordered a pair of cargo pants that are similar. Ill let Yall know what I think of them when the come in the mail. 100 Bucs for Cargo pants is a bit steep.
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    Bravo concealment makes a Kydex Holster that fits tight against the side and conceals very well. I got one for my Smith M&P 2.0 (9 mm) They offer various types of belt attachments that you can choose from too.
    I too have the same "problem" with the "Dunlap Disease"
    Good luck Brother.
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    Youngridge. If you are still looking for holster options, check out this company. We have a few of their bag style holsters for on the bike, but they make all kinds, for several models.

    I also bought one of their concealment briefcases back when they first came on the market, and used it for several years in my businesses, as we tended to OC at them, but had to CC from the car to the shop in the city. In the case in the car, walk in, and put it back on once inside.

    have a couple of their waist and leg bags for on the bike. Both are large enough to hold a small revovler or mid sized pistol, can be worn RH or LH, and have multiple pockets. multiple pockets with zipper access, with an elastic band holster on the inside that velcros in place, so it can be set up for either side.

    Depending on what I'm carrying, and where I'll be, I also have holsters sewn into my leather vest and jacket, a pocket with an insert for different ones I own, and a mag\speed loader insert for the other pocket. There are also belly bands, and CC undershirts out there. Just start getting your outer shirts a size larger thasn what you normally wear (1X is normal for me, so I get mine in 2X.) to help conceal what you have on under it.

    As someone else mentioned on here, Galco makes some nice shoulder holsters that allow one to CC a fullsized pistol. I regularly carry a 686 or as GP100 in a shoulder rig, and have even carried my DE357 from time to time, without printing, so it can be done. My dad is currently carrying a SCCY CPX I picked up in a trade 2 years ago, in the rig the last owner had made, that came with it. He had it on him at my stepbrother's wedding, and it took me most of the night to spot it.

    Seriously. Even though they are not made here in the US, (Chech Republic) the quality of the items sold by CH, is top notch, and our last order was inj Erie, at our door, ;less than a week later. check them out.
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    I just found this holster company, Clinger Holsters. I have really liked everything I gotten so far.
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    The "police supply store" in our city is very good about demonstrating gear. The city where I shop is not really large, so I expect most cities will have that kind of business.

    The first time I walked in to try a holster, I was a bit concerned about exposing my CCW. They had no issue with it and put me fully at ease. They acted a little amused, without being insulting, that I would be sensitive about carrying in their store. The clerk was knowledgeable and very helpful. You can beat the prices on-line, but you can't beat personal service and good advice. I have been back there often.

    The following may sound like an advertisement, so I will tell you, up-front, I have nothing to do with holster sales:

    I carry a full-size 1911 in a Galco King Tuk. It wears comfortably, sitting or standing. It is easy to draw and re-holster. It does not chaff in any position. I drive with it and am not really aware that it is there. I can keep it concealed by wearing golf shirt as long as it is a dark color or a print, and I do not tuck them in. With a jacket, it is invisible. Winthrop also makes a good IWB holster, but it is not as comfortable or easy to re-holster as the King-Tuk. The Winthrop was my first 1911 IWB and I thought I loved it until my son gave me a King-Tuk.

    If you can carry a big-ole 1911 in the King Tuk, I imagine that smaller, lighter pistols would be a breeze.
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    Lately I have been carrying my Bodyguard in an ankle holster. Being someone who fits into the "beer belly" category I have tried pocket carry, belly band carry and now ankle.
    The ankle carry is almost un-noticed even after several hours of carry. Unfortunately that will have to go away as I tend to wear shorts for at least 6 months out of the year down here in warm southwest MO. I do like the idea of the clinger holsters as well. When I carry my 637 I sometimes carry it in a shoulder rig. Again it works fine in the cooler weather when an outer garment is needed or wanted.
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