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    ok, this is a great board with so many helpful posters. when i ask a question, it always seems like i get very useful answers and suggestions.

    this is my thought...

    let's start a reference for all shooter's to access for cleaning, lubrication, and other maintenance products.

    here's how it could work! make a list of some of your favorite and most effective products. list them by name, and what they are used for. if possible, explain why you feel they are the best. doesn't matter if it is hoppe's #9, or a less known product.

    this would help also! if you see a product posted that you ALSO think is outstanding, give it a like or a +1. if you see a product listed that has disappointed you, you can chime in as well.

    hopefully, we create a thread with the ability to give a consumer valuable information to make a good choice.

    if this works out, the mods can decide if it is worth a sticky or not.

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    ok, guess i'll start.

    almost everything i know comes from posters on this board or others. i don't have vast experience, but i'll let you know a few products i have come to rely on.

    wipe-out foaming bore cleaner. i simply love this product, and if there is a better way to clean out your barrel, i haven't found it. i have not had to use a brush on a barrel in so long i can't remember! :) you simply spray this into the barrel, wait 30min or so (or clean up the rest of your gun). run some patches through and clean barrel! sometimes i have to spray it is twice, but it is still a breeze. made cleaning my guns much more enjoyable imo. i've only had one problem with it. once, it discolored a small part of the stock on one of my guns (of course this particular stock was very cheap and soft). so, if you get it on a wood stock, wipe off immediately.

    birchwood casey lead removing cloth. FOR STAINLESS ONLY, i have been told. the poster vincent led me to this product, and it works!!! i have a stainless revolver that i had scrubbed to death trying to remove some lead burn rings. this baby just wiped it right off! this just works!! boy, does it stink though! :D

    slip 2000. probably well known, but a great lube for the semi autos imo. it just seems to get better after an extended shooting session.

    the rest of my products are fairly common. hoppe's #9 as a general cleaner, rem oil as rust prevention.

    i would like suggestions about the best general protection for storage of firearms. i also like hearing suggestions on the best products for blue vs stainless firearms. especially what products might be harmful to certain surfaces and finishes.

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    dooh! why isn't that thread a sticky? or did i just miss it? :rolleyes:

    y'know, i actually remember this thread now, i just forgot about it!
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    +1 on the foaming bore cleaner
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    1,084 gun cleaning thread - I watched that thread since the day it started! The OP (I thought) said they were going to do some sorta database and publish the results but I never heard anything about that?

    Anyways I gotta say some cleaning suplpies are EXPENSIVE- so I think your idea is a good one but I'd like to know roughly how much people pay for their suplies - don't need to know where they buy it from cuz I can find that info on my own most of the time. I'll give an example:

    For a 36" one piece carbon rifle barrel cleaning rod and rod guide - I ordered both online and with shipping it cost me about $52.00

    See, if anyone else is looking for those items they can do comparison shopping.