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  1. Troy Michalik

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    OK Boys, it's time to get a new chainsaw. I'm not going to be doing any serious logging or anything, so an 18" bar should do just about anything I need doing, but I might go with a 24 just in case. So what to get? Stihl, Husky, Echo, Poulan (ok, that was a joke)

    List your favs and why.
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  3. user4

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    husqvarna. no others
  4. RL357Mag

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    Husqvarna. Great rifles, great bikes, and great chainsaws..
  5. quelebu

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    I vote Husqvarna, I've had a Husqvarna 350 for the last 5 years - it gets daily use (though Stihl are equally good to be honest). 15 or 16 inch bar is fine - better to have plenty of power per bar inch. With a 15/16 inch bar you can fell a tree of 30 inches diameter if you know what you're doing (that's a pretty big tree to fell unless you've plenty of experience). A shorter bar is better for sawing fire logs, but I find 15/16 great for general purpose work - felling, de-limbing, cross-cutting (and it's quicker to sharpen a shorter chain!).

    Keep the saw clean, the chain sharp, deburr the bar and reverse it regularly and a good quality chainsaw will give you years of good service - don't "waste" money on a cheap chainsaw.
  6. Troy Michalik

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    Thanks y'all for the input. Looks like Husqvarna it is.
  7. Donnyj

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    All my family uses is Stihl's. Never a problem with any of them. Hundreds of cords of wood over the years says something. Never used a Husky so I can't comment.
  8. cpttango30

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    Top three are
    1. Stihl
    2. Husky
    3. Echo

    Echo is a little cheaper than both. My echo will start with two pulls no matter what temp it is out side. I had not started it in 3 months and it took 3 pumps of the primer and two pulls on the cord.

    ANy chainsaw will last a life time if you just take care of them. When they are going to be stored drain all fluids. When I pack mine up for the winter I dump the fuel and start it and let it run till is rund out of gas. I then drain all the bar oil out of it.

    I use only Echo 2 stroke oil for it. which has a fuel stabilizer in it. I change the plugs every year weather it needs it or not.
  9. stalkingbear

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    Get a Husqvarna 395XP with a 2' bar. I've had about a dozen & a 1/2 of it's forerunner the 394XP. Still light enough to handle with 1 hand, it's got more power with a 2' bar than you'll ever need. You can actually "steer" a tree down with them. They come factory with "dogs" on both sides too. Mix the EXACT mix recommended (50-1) using Husky 2 stroke oil & it'll last from now on just using it normally. Use good bar oil & adjust your oiler to use about 3/4 when you run out of gas.
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  10. RL357Mag

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    I have the 455 Rancher and the little 142 w/16" bar. I use the little sh!t more than the Rancher because it's half the size and weight and with a sharp chain will cut almost as fast as the Rancher.
  11. JiroZero713

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    Being that this is in the Survival area, I think this one is perfect.
  13. Mark F

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    Husky.... mine is 13 years old, 3rd pull and it's ready to spray chips.
  14. spittinfire

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    Husqvarna or Stihl are the only two I would buy. My dad has a 25 year old Stihl that runs like a champ and as long as you keep the chain sharp it cuts great. The place we just moved into has a fire place so I used it a couple of a weeks ago to cut up 2 12" trees. He got a husy about 5 years ago and hasn't had a single problem out of it.
  15. gorknoids

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    Stihl. Chain Saws - Chainsaw Product Selector - STIHL USA
    Pick one.
    You can buy the others at any store which decides to sell them, but you can only buy Stihl from a Stihl dealer. The reason is service and maintenance.
    Northern Tool & Equipment isn't going to fix your Husqy. Once you buy it, you're on your own. Fat Tommy's Chainsaw and Bicycle Repair Shop might be really good at patching up your Murray 21" mower, but Fat Tommy doesn't attend training or have factory reps show up at the shop every time something new comes down the line.
    From an initial-quality standpoint, Stihl can't be beaten. For service and customer support, there is no other company with a similar reputation or program, for that matter.
    I grew up felling and cutting trees, and have run everything from climbing saws up to a 2-man saw with a 5' bar (I held the handle at the tip of the bar.) If anyone ever owned the 1960's Homelite XL-12 with the 36" bar, you can appreciate what a big, heavy, powerful saw is.
    I own either 4 or 5 Stihls at this moment, and would never buy another brand. I also have a grunch of other Stihl professional equipment, and the same goes for them.
    Did I mention Stihl? :D
  16. Rex in OTZ

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    Chain saws??

    The best chainsaw is the one you pick up and it works as it should

    Dad has a 1970's era Homelite EX that is still his favorite Ive heard others diss the Homelite and evin the Poulan.

    Ive a neighbor that bought a new 20"Husqivarna (disremember the model) inside a week he had renderd that new chainsaw a piece of junk

    Its the man that makes the tool, the tool only complements the man
    In otherwords there folks out there that have a Knack have a feel or finess and can get by with about anything then there is the crowd that needs more power (square pegger mentality) ie pound a square peg in a round hole useing a rose bud torch set and a 10# hand sledge.