Best between XDS and LC9

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by OkOutlaw, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. OkOutlaw

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    Basically as the title reads. I'm going to be buying a carry gun and so far I'm liking these 2. I like the double safety of the XDS, but with a toddler in the house I'm liking the safety on the LC9 also. Opinions? Will be shoot them soon to help me decide.
  2. eatmydust

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    Both are excellent choices and a biometric safe.

  3. ALfiremedic1

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    I own both and I can tell you that there is no contest between the two. The xds is my choice hands down. Just a better made firearm. On the safety issue, if your being responsible, kids don't matter. Kids shouldn't be a safety concern because guns should never be within reach. I have three kids and my xds hasn't taken one of them out yet
  4. DenverSteve

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    Both are excellent. One is U.S. made. One is made in Croatia (yes it matters to some). Check out which one feels best to you and has the most natural sight acquisition. Both will go bang every time you pull the trigger. I prefer the XDS, your preference may vary but the two are equal in quality and performance.
  5. eborden1122

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    I own an XDs and love it. Great for CC.
  6. Argyle_Armoring

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    I prefer the XDS over the LC9. Both are great guns. Don't worry about the safeties. Keep your gun unloaded and out of reach of the toddler in a nice safe. I have a two year old a 3 month old. I keep the safe locked at all times. If my G26 isn't on my hip it's locked in the safe. I hate safeties on carry guns.

    Let me know when you're ready to buy either one.
  7. purehavoc

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    I own both , the XDS is by far better to me . I like the feel of the LC9 better but the XDS is more accurate for me , I dont care for the long trigger pull and I just cant see spending another $100 on the ruger to make it better . Im not a big safety freak and I prefer to do without honestly . I have kids they know how to shoot , take down clean all of our guns and reassemble them , including my 9 yr old . They know the guns are off limits unless we are out shooting and must ask if they can shot something before they touch it , I do keep them all in a safe but they know the rules, dont touch it unless you are told you can or it will be the last time EVER.!!!! They know to handle every gun just like it loaded whether they have checked it or not and even if some hands you a gun and says its unloaded you check it anyway . If you are at a friends house and find a gun DO NOT TOUCH IT go tell a adult. We have very specific rules which may or may not allow them to ever be able to handle a gun if the rules are broken. Since they both love to shoot its just best to abide by the rules . I have some very neat guns that most people will never see let along get to handle or shoot so they appreciate it when they do get to go out and have some fun . I sound like a hard a55 but its my rules!!!
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  8. JonM

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    lc9 mag safety is deal killer for me. i will never carry a gun for defensive reason that has a functioning mag safety. if the mag button gets depressed by accident the mag pops a little loose you have a brick and that round in the chamber is totally useless.

    no mag safety and that happens you have at least one shot.

    for me a mag safety is a definate nogo for ccw. doesnt matter how good the gun is how accurate it is how comy to carry. mag sagety trumps that.
  9. Anna_Purna

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    Both are good choices
  10. JTJ

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    The XDs over the LC9 but have you checked the S&W Shield. The XDs and the Shield are almost identical in size but the Shield is 4 oz lighter and about $120 cheaper. The weight was the deciding factor for me. The Shield has a thumb safety in addition to the trigger safety. The triggers were pretty close. I went for the Shield. The other one I seriously considered was the Sig 938 but it was close to $900 plus another $100 for a couple of 7 round mags. I did a side by side comparison of the XDs, Shield, LC9, Kahr, Keltec PF9 and the Sig 938. I am still considering an XDs 45.