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Best AR-15 Manu?

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Who is considered the best maker of AR-15's? I have heard olympic arms is good?
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Best AR ?

The Best AR made is the Les Baer. Made precisely to the original prints, parts hand fitted, will out shoot any AR made by anyone else. Absolute quality. Deployed w/ snipers in Sand World..shoot under 3" @ 500 yards !
Will shoot 1/2 MOA out of the box.

Necessity ? NO

Look for all the opinions.

Quality AR's are made by S&W, Rock River, Armalite, Stag
Quantity Made: Bushmaster
Others: Colt, DPMS, SIG
Variable quality: Olympic, Hesse, Vulcan

For price point vs. quality/performance COLT is a waste of $$$...
Thats why Rock River gets so many PD / DEA contracts.

For a flat top AR w/ rails on handguard: S&W most bang for the $$$
Worst quality for the $$$: SIG

You DO get what you pay for in an AR.
I have worked on 1000's of them. Clean and properly lubed it key to reliability. Friends don't let friends shoot WolF Ammo in AR's !
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