Best AR-15 Manu?

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by Dimmu, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. Dimmu

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    Who is considered the best maker of AR-15's? I have heard olympic arms is good?
  2. bkt

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    Of the many out there -- Rock River, Bushmaster, Stag, Colt and others -- OlyArms is one of the lesser manufacturers. Many have reported tolerance problems with them.

  3. Dgunsmith

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    Best AR ?

    The Best AR made is the Les Baer. Made precisely to the original prints, parts hand fitted, will out shoot any AR made by anyone else. Absolute quality. Deployed w/ snipers in Sand World..shoot under 3" @ 500 yards !
    Will shoot 1/2 MOA out of the box.

    Necessity ? NO

    Look for all the opinions.

    Quality AR's are made by S&W, Rock River, Armalite, Stag
    Quantity Made: Bushmaster
    Others: Colt, DPMS, SIG
    Variable quality: Olympic, Hesse, Vulcan

    For price point vs. quality/performance COLT is a waste of $$$...
    Thats why Rock River gets so many PD / DEA contracts.

    For a flat top AR w/ rails on handguard: S&W most bang for the $$$
    Worst quality for the $$$: SIG

    You DO get what you pay for in an AR.
    I have worked on 1000's of them. Clean and properly lubed it key to reliability. Friends don't let friends shoot WolF Ammo in AR's !
  4. slowryde45

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    you really can't go wrong with any of the major brands. sure there are some that get more air-play than the others, much like Ford-vs-Chevy-vs-Mopar. most of it all comes down to who your favorite team is, and how much you want to spend.

    just because one got the contract for whoever, does not necessarily mean it was a quality with any government contract, whether it be federal/state/city, it all comes down to $$$'s. yes they do have to pass a quality test to be qualify to be in the running for that contract.

    some have had quality issues in the past, most do get fixed in production as soon as those issues are identified. and even the best can occasionally let some lemons through. and then there are some that seemingly are in it just for the $$$'s, buying parts from overseas, without alot of attention paid to detail or quality.

    do you get what you pay for? for the most part. but it seems like everyday a new kid shows up on the block with cheaper prices. then again, there are the big names (usually custom manufaturers) such as Les Baer, Wilson Combat, Fulton Armory, Knight, JP, etc. that offer high end products with $$$ signs to match.