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best ammo cans (newbie)

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i've accumulated a fair amount of ammo and i think it's finally time to store it properly , in ammo cans with dessicant packs. i've never bought ammo cans before and i'm sure there are good sturdy reliable ones out there along with junk .... so can anyone recommend to me a certain type/brand, and where to look for best value ? i don't mind paying up $$ for quality either . thanx !
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Some old military cans work fine. No need to buy a bunch of pricey ammo cans that work just as good. Any military surplus place will have them. .30cal and .50 bmg cans. Might even find some 20mm cans. I have seen the .50 go for $14-$18. You can find them online also. Even at flee markets. Just make sure the seal is still good. I rub some petroleum jelly on the seals. Just to keep them from drying out.
I buy $10 plastic ones from the gun shows. They are not as heavy as the metal ones. They also have a good seal with a hole for a master lock. Oh and it is doubled latched.
Ammo cans!!

Buy what you can!! I favor the cans that open on the side, the German Panzer cans. When i'm energetic I take some emery cloth and sand them down, then I give them coat of Rust -o-Leum Red primer. Rust-0-Leum sells camo color spray paint, I forget the actual names of the colors, one is an earth tone and the other I believe is Forest Green. Just set them on a saw horse and spray your own pattern of como. Everyplace I go and people see them want to buy them from me.;)
I bought old military style ammo can for 10 bucks at gun show best 10 I ever spent works great and latches securely
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