Best AK-M Variant?

Discussion in 'AK & SKS Discussion' started by BillyJoel, Sep 1, 2013.

  1. BillyJoel

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    I'm trying figure out a good variant of a modern AK-M. I'm not really sure of the proper term for this, but i'm looking for something that looks like this:


    Also, does anyone know what i would have to do to get this in NY? I'm not really sure of the gun laws in NY as i haven't looked at the gun laws in years.

    Can you still get rifles and shotguns with out a license or does the AK-M/AK not fall into that? I could be wrong all together. Like i said, i don't know anything about the NY laws.
  2. ACES 6

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    Good luck with anything AK related in the Occupied Northeast, BillyJoel. I was due to take command up at FT Drum next month, but when I looked at the laws regarding my guns I opted for a tour in Korea instead. No kidding. Pistols and semi-autos are treated like evil, and all guns must be registered. Ridiculous.

  3. MisterMcCool

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    Saiga makes a great AK. You cannot "technically" purchase an AK in New York. But if you somehow acquire one and have it registered before April 15, 2014, it can be grandfathered.

    Assault Weapon Ban: Effective 04-15-14 all grandfathered "assault weapons" must be registered with the State Police. These weapons may no longer be sold in the State of New York effective 04-15-13.
  4. jjfuller1

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    From the beginning of this year the laws went from bad to worse!... AKs ARs M1s SKS. Even customized .22 are illegal to buy. And current firearms must be registered by years end... search Google for NY safe act.
  5. dlhvac

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    Vepyrs are i think the best ever made you can even get it in 3006