Best Actor Oscar - The Dude Abides

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by NitroxAZ, Mar 8, 2010.

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    Thank you, thank you very much.


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    The dude definitely abides. :cool:
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    Far out._________ Whats that dude? ___________ Donnie STFU!
  4. lonyaeger

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    Never any doubt, I'm sure it was a romp. I just can't help but see "Lebowski" every time I see him though....especially last night!
  5. Dillinger

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    How to know when you are having a really bad day:

    1) Your name is Sandra Bullock and you win an Academy Award, but also win a Razzie in the same weekend for a body of work done at roughly the same time. How can you be the BEST and the WORST all at once???

    2) Your name is James Cameron. You made one of the most expensive movies of all time ( over 450 million in production & marketing ), you earn more money than just about any movie in history ( $2,565,000.00 at last count and climbing ) and your ex wife beats you like a redheaded step child at the Oscars.

    The Hurt Locker just absolutely annihilated Avatar this weekend. Good lord that was a beating the likes of GSP versus BJ Penn. :eek:
  6. lonyaeger

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    A travesty that she won, IMO.....the Oscar, not the Razzie! Good Lordy is she hot, though.
  7. Dillinger

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    I haven't seen the football movie she nominated for: The Blind Side or something like that. But, she has been in Hollywood for a long time without recognition and there was a LOT of buzz around her winning.

    The thing with the Oscars is that they are not, hardly, ever awarded to the best performance. They are frequently awarded to Actors/Actresses that have been around awhile and haven't gotten their due.

    Look into the Pulp Fiction, Samuel L. Jackson nomination and how Ed Wood's Martin Landau ended up winning. No way did Landau turn in the better performance, and no way was Ed Wood a better movie, but he won because of his age and his performance in relevence to his chances of ever winning another one.

    Same thing happened this past year with What's his name from Big Love. He lost to Dexter because Dexter had cancer during the filming of the season and still put in a good performance. Everyone had Bill what's his name winning, but he lost to Cancer. How do you beat that??

    The awards are all political and very rarely are they a walk away for the clear cut favorite.

    Think about it. How long have they been doing this? 80 something years. And this year was the FIRST year a female director won. Really?

    American Psycho was a hell of a good movie. But Traffic won the Best Director in 2000. Was Traffic THAT much better??
  8. lonyaeger

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    Well, I have lots of responses to this:

    I agree that a lot of those prizes are not given necessarily to the best performance, but in the case of Sammy Jackson vs. Martin Landau....Landau was primarily a TV actor, so you can't really say that he was passed over for Oscar a bunch of times. Also, I don't think the movie industry thought they OWED Landau anything like they did a Bob Hope or a John Wayne, etc.

    Now, I love Pulp Fiction and Sammy as much as the next guy, but Martin Landau's turn in Ed Wood was fantastic....IMO!

    Bill Paxton is great in Big Love....but so is Michael C. Hall in who knows if it was the sympathy vote or not. But I would say Hall can act every bit as well as Paxton.

    Did a woman direct American Psycho? I don't know of that many female directors, but maybe Bigelow broke through because they WEREN'T very female directors so far. Only Penny Marshall comes to my mind. But in my opinion, Traffic WAS that much better, and Soderberg is one of the best directors going.....again, JD, this is my opinion. Wish I knew as much about firearms as I know about THIS crap!
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    Well, this explains a lot... LOL

    Landau was nominated in 89 and 90, both times he was beat out. 95 he was nominated and won. He was never nominted again.

    I enjoyed Ed Wood, but I thought the range of emotions shown by Jackson in Pulp Fiction was a more trying role. We can agree to disagree though....
    I would agree with you. I think Michael C. Hall is just coming into his own in Hollywood. However, that award was Paxton's going in, at least according to a ton of media types. Hall, having Cancer, didn't hurt. Either one could have won. I just used it as an example of things outside the world of entertainment that do influence the voting populace...

    Yep. Mary Harron. If you look her up you will see she guest directs a lot of shows for TV. Does a one or two episode stint.

    Well, that can certainly be debated. But I can respect you liking it. A lot fo people did. I wasn't one of them. I hated it to be honest.

    Personally, I enjoyed the Ocean's movies - but the first one was a remake and the next two were decent, not great. Clooney, not Soderbergh, was the driving force behind 13 considering he was the one who hired the writer's for 13 since he was so disappointed in 12.

    Now, Che' - A two part series about a communist? Yeah, not going to touch that one. Too easy.

    The Informant? Oh my god, did that suck....

    So, I think it's a little early to pronounce him heir apparent to the throne. ;)
  10. lonyaeger

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    Hey, whatever happened to Che!? One minute I saw previews and then poof! never to be heard of again.

    Ever see The Limey? Bet you'd love it!

    No, he's not in the heir apparent realm (too much Eastwood, Coen Brothers, Scorcese, Tarantino, and other fantastic filmmakers around for that), but his movies are hugely entertaining....and yes, Traffic was disturbing.....but so was American Psycho, even worse. ;)