Best 380 Ammo?

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by ryevick, Dec 11, 2011.

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    I just bought a SW Bodyguard 380 and a second clip. What's the best self defense round for that? I was actually debating on loading the top part of the clip with FMJ and the bottom with HP... then I saw Jacketed Hollow Point... not familiar with that type round. Suggestions?
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    When I carried a 380 I used Remington Golden Sabers. Never had a feeding issue with them in either pistol, a Beretta 70S and 84FS.
    I didn't bother alternating rounds, FMJ & JHP's, I just stuck with JHP's.
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  3. JonM

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    When i carry one of my 380s i use fmj. Its already a rather anemic round i want to be sure the bullet actually can get deep enough to hit the boiler room if i should be so unlucky to need it.

    In a sd situation the goblin is prolly going to be sideways to you with his crime arm between you and his chest holding a weapon. Your round has to go through that maybe through bone and into the chest sideways to do any good. A hp in a 380 just doesnt have the mass and speed out of small pocket rockets to do it reliably.

    The problems is aggravated even more if your carry choice is a lcp or sw bodyguard with those super short barrels.

    380 is my last choice for a sd round but sometimes its all i can reasonably carry
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    I just bought a Taurus TCP 380. I feed it 90 grain federal hydra-shok. I've only put 20 rounds through it so far, but I haven't had any malfunctions at all. I think I'll stick with this unless someone else convinces me there's a much better round out there.

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