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Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by swann, Aug 27, 2012.

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    What's the best 243 for deer hunting?
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    There are many good rifles in 243 Winchester. I assume you are talking about a bolt action rifle?
    A lot depends upon your budget. But use caution due to the fact that there are a lot of inexpensive discount rifles being produced by most of the manufacturers including Remington and others to capture the low dollar market. In a good rifle you get what you pay for regarding the quality and craftsmanship of the rifle. I would suggest one of the following and also advise that some can be purchased at a local shop or gun show for a very reasonable price. The reason is a lot of guys buy a good rifle on a whim, sight them in and the gun never sees the field! Dealers usually do not allow that much for them on trade in so they sometimes will make you a great deal on them so they do not have them setting on their shelf for months and months tying up dollars! I would look at some of the following rifles in 243 Win. Remington Model 700, Winchester Model 70, Savage Model 10 or 110, followed by Howa, Mossberg and Browning for examples. But stay away from the bargain basement priced rifles. They are not of the best quality both in parts and manufacture. For example of a good deal! I purchased a Remington Model 700 with scope in 243 Win cal. in excellent condition a couple of years ago at a gun show for $450.00 which included a decent scope and mounts!
    Be sure to check the bore and also look at the locking lugs on the bolt. If they have very little or none of the finish worn off on the lugs you probably have one of the rifles mentioned above that spent 98% + of its existence on a safe or gun rack!


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    To the OP, what he said.
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    Also, look around for some used ones. Some real bargains can be found. I just bought a Model 70 in .243 w/ a scope for $225 off of gunbroker. That was my steal of the year.
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    Add the bargan basement stevens 200 to that list. Same action and barrel as the savage model 10 Just add a rifle basix triger and you may have a 1moa or less rifle for cheap. Ruger american too. TIka is also a good buy for the money. Not alot of bad rifles today except some that remington turns out lately. Buy older but clean used and get a sleeper to.
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    Remington Model 7.