Best .204?

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    I'm looking to fill the empty .22 spot I have with a .204.
    I'm considering either a tikka or sako, having shot various Remington and Winchester rifles in various cailbers, I much prefrer the tikka action and all round better build quality. Has anyone got a .204 in a tikka or sako? What are your thoughts? Have heard good things about certain savage model rifles, but have zero experience shooting any. It will be main target and varmint gun, so the added weight of a heavier barrel and bigger optics don't bother me much at all. Any thoughts or comments would be helpful.
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    i have the 204 in a Remington M700 w/ the light weight varminter 26" varminter barrel. very accurate! some will say the 204 is niche round, looking to fit in. personally i like the 204 and have lots of fun shooting it. i also reload a lot of rounds for it.

    either one of your choices would be great in the 204. either one would make a great varmint rifle and should be pretty dang accurate. depends on what's available where you live and how much they cost. both are very well built rifles with excellent reputations for build quality.

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    You might also consider a Ruger.