Best 1911 for the Money?

Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by SquirtGun, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. SquirtGun

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    What is the best 1911 to get as far as value?
  2. lonewolf5347

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    I just pick up this 1911 SA Mil_Spec cost was $599.00 : I had to flip the coin on the SA or a Taurus 1911 for $625.00 after 20 min: thought I did choose the SA.
    I was lucky to land the above SA seem the gun is made in the USA serial number starts with NM also has matched barrel and stainless bushing.
    I like the Taurus but one major thought came to mind warranty issue's Springfield has a better customer service.I am bashing Taurus but if the gun needs repair it has to back to brazil.Ihave a Buddie that had a bad sear on the PT1911 and is still waiting for the gun to be repaired.
    I spoke with him a few weeks back then it was 8 weeks and still no gun.
    I heard a lot of good review on other brands of 1911 but you can purchase a lemon no matter who the manufacturer is.
    I already put threw 300 rounds threw the 1911 SA no problems at all I am going to try to lighten up the trigger pull a tad seem it breaks out of the box a shy under 5lbs ,I would like to get it down to 3 1/2 for target work.
    I just ordered a new MSH spring at 23lbs and firing pin spring (wolf)and a upgrade wolf 16 lbs recoil slide spring.

  3. FALPhil

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    I held a Taurus PT 1911 today. It is sweet! The stocking dealer had a price of $549 on it. It has the following features:

    Forged frame (same as Springfield)
    Stainless barrel
    High visibility combat sights
    Beavertail grip safety with memory hump
    30 LPI checkering front and back
    Beveled magwell
    Light weight trigger.
    Gripping grooves fore and aft on the slide
    Round, light weight hammer

    What is interesting is that the parent company for Taurus makes the frames for both them and Springfield. As you can see from the features list, it compares quite well with the TRP. Taurus has a lifetime warranty for the entire lifetime of the gun. Their North American repair facility is in Miami, not Brazil.

    I was quite impressed. I will probably buy one and and give an in-depth review in the next couple of months.
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  4. lonewolf5347

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    I just installed the 23lbs spring in the MSH and yes it drop the trigger lbs by a pound breaks now at 4lbs.
  5. Don Lu

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    Do not own one, but the Taurus has all the perks of a custom. I also hear they are great shooters, very reliable out the box.
  6. Shane

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    Any info on the S&W 1911pd light weight

    I own several 1911's, but am thinking about buying a commander size S&W 1911 scandium. I cannot find much information on the realibility of this pistol. Does anyone have any info on this pistol they can share?
  7. Shane

    Shane Guest

    Never mind, I bought it. It shoots great, no problems.
  8. SheGUN

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    I'm rather partial to Springfield's. The Mil-specs are great value.....
  9. Dgunsmith

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    Gun for the $$$

    ALL Springfield 1911's are made in Brazil.

    Taurus is the best buy for the $$$ in a 1911 with all of its features.
    Taurus is serviced in Florida. Think about would you export a pistol to Brazil for repair and then re-import it...Fedex alone & Customs would break you, let alone a PERMIT from the State Department.

    Every firearm sold in the US has a US service center here.

    I carry a S&W 1911 Scandium Commander everywhere I go ...and it is GREAT !
    Shoots anything well...I did add UNERTL Night sights and VZ grips.
    Love it !

    JMHO !:D
  10. Gun Looney

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    I depends on how many features you find necessary. For a fairly "loaded" pistol I'd say either the Kimber TLE, or Springfield Loaded. For a bare bones old school 1911, I'd vote for the Springfield Mil-Spec or GI.
  11. calvinbr

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    Ok, Here is my .02 worth. I as looking for a 1911 myself. I looked at the Kember and OMG lots of money for that one. Then I looked at the Taurus PT 1911 and it was nice. A friend told me about a 1911 he shoots and it is a Rock Island. Well, I looked at the same gun frame in different name and it is the High Standard 1911. My thinking it's a good 1911 starter gun. It has had way more good reviews than bad. I get one. It is only a few days old and I have not shoot it yet, but I will Sunday. The HS 1911 was only $350.00. That is better than $1500.00 and up. I do know you get what you pay for, but it seems to be a good handgun. Warranty issue's you can send it to the manufacturer in the states.



    best 1911A1 for the $?


    Ron L here = SERESURPLUS

    I have bought a Rock Island 1911A1 45 out of the shotgun news from Sarco, it's a full size gun, not a lot of the Commander and Compact Guns still for sale, with my dealer add on and shipping costs, I have like 425-450 in mine brand new in box! It's a great shooter, 100% interchangable with all GI 1911A1 parts and feeds hollow point ammo, right out of the box! This same gun is sold under the Armscorp Name as a tactical model with better sites and a few extra frills, about 100$ more? The same reciever and slide are sold as many other 45s out there, hard to go wrong for the $!
  13. nick8180

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    Best 4 the money

    I have 16 1911's Kimbers,Colts,S&W and Springers. For the money nothing beats RIA's At $350 hard to beat.
  14. JoeBob

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    Dan Wesson Pointman 7.:D
  15. Tanker60A3

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    Wilson Combat CQB

    My CQB is easily the most expensive handgun I have ever bought. You can get a Kimber or Springfield with the same specs on paper for less than half the price, but it's not in the same class as the CQB. I have a Springfield TRP, and it's a very good gun. Accurate, good trigger, good fit, good this and good that. If good is all you want, then get a TRP, you'll have a good gun.
    The Wilson Combat CQB is light years beyond any Springfield Armory, Colt, Kimber, S&W, or whoever is your pet company. Flawless in fit, finish, and function. Some will claim that a custom gun won't run well. That you won't be able to shoot most ammo's without it jamming. Not true. My CQB is no harder to please than the TRP or my old Colt military 1911 (1918 manufacture).
    Do yourself a favor, clean out the gun safe, get rid of some of the stuff you have bought just because the price was right. Get yourself at least one gun that is world class. Don't always settle for "good" because it is cheaper.
  16. Gunnutz13

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    My 2 cents

    The last 1911a1 I picked up was a Auto Ordnance WWII parkerized model rollmarked:

    Model 1911a1 US ARMY

    with lanyard loop, vertical slide serrations, brown plastic grips, checkered hammer and safety, and arched mainspring housing.

    A true mil-spec GI 45 auto...the kind you can drop in the sand...pick up and fire...the AK of 45's

    Cost: $430...out the gun show door...PA sales tax included

    Here's a pic...

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  17. crgivens

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    hello i was just looking around some of the gun sites and came across this thread ..ARE YOU GUYS CRAZY! the springfield frame though made in brazil is made a lot better. it not about just the frame its about all the parts and how well they fit together . i have worked in a gun shop for the last 10 yrs and have seen all the guns you are talking about . i carry the springfield armory TRP at the range that i now work at and have shot all of thoes guns but the springfield Loaded is buy far the best for the money due to the fit and the quality of the parts ...taurus is good for the instructor because with a life time guarintee you can send it back as many times as you need and there is no need to buy another gun .... but do you want to rely on somthing that needs to be replaced several times....we have several 1911s at the range
    and have had problems with only the cheaper weapons.. and these are weapons that are shot all day long ... springfields are a little more but well worth the extra money..
    this is only my humble opinion thanks for listening
  18. shoez

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    Dude, I think you are missing the point of the thread. He wasn't asking for the most expensive 1911 out there. My $400 Rock Island doesn't jam either, even with lead semi-wadcutters. It is also a very accurate weapon. Unless you are in some sort of competition, I can't see spending 6 times the money to get the Wilson Combat gun. At best, I bet it only shoots groups about an inch or inch and a half less than my RIA. Don't get me wrong, if you can afford such guns, great. If I spent that kind of money on a gun, I wouldn't be able to buy another for a few years.
  19. Defender

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    Best 1911 for the money?

  20. matt g

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    I've said the very same thing hundreds of times before. Only those that don't own them bad mouth the MIM parts quality.