Bersa thunder ultra compact .45 Vs. Taurus millinium pro pt-145

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  1. rocco102

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    Can anyone give me some advice which of this two guns is the better one or dependable.
    Taurus millenium pro PT-145 or Bersa Thunder ultra compact .45 cal
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  2. Chortdraw

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    I would choose the Bersa any day. Great gun, great service and great shooter. I have the 380 and the 9 mm and these are the most accurate guns in the price range including some of the HIGHER priced guns. You can not go wrong with the Bersas. Heard the service of the Taurus is not to great but that is only what I have been told by others that have them. I have been totally pleased by these weapons. Check out the Bersa site forum and see for yourself what people think. Good luck and happy shooting:D
  3. rottie

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    I own both guns

    By far the Bersa Thunder Ultra-Compact 45 is more reliable and a better shooting gun. The gun sights up very quickly and feels good in your hand. I am more accurate with it from 10' out to 50' than I am the Taurus PT145 or my Springfield XD .45 Tactical. (I've worn out my Springfield so that may not be a good comparison)

    This is the first gun I have ever owned that is fully ambidexterous and the safety and slide release are very accessible with your thumb and are extended by design. The gun extracts from my holsters cleanly due to the contoured safety and slide release being blended and fitted tightly to the frame. The grip is anatomically designed which naturally guides your finger and thumb into the right places. The extended heel plate on the magazine gives a place rest the pinky.

    The single action trigger on this gun is very predictable and breaks cleanly. The double action pull is a little on the heavy side, but again, it breaks predictably at the same point each time.

    The 7 round capacity and weight (27 ounces) of the gun are the only drawbacks. Also, the rear hammer spur could have been extended a little. The hammer has bitten me a few times, but no big deal. Thats what I get for having a fatty hand web.

    By far this is the best SA/DA compact .45 I've ever seen. Period.

    The Taurus Millenium Pro: I had a bad experience with this gun when I first bought it. The magazines would drop out of the well whe firing! I had to send it back to Taurus twice before they fixed it correctly.

    That being said, it's not a bad gun, but it does shoot low. Now keep in mind that it comes with Hiene Straight 8 sights and that may be part of the issue. The other part is probably the trigger. The trigger is fairly smooth, but the trigger pull is long and stiff (9.5 lbs.).

    If you're looking for a big-bore ankle gun, this is the best one I've seen and carried. It has a fairly low profile. Everything is fitted tightly to the frame and does not protrude to snag on anything. It is light and holds 10 rounds of .45 ACP.
  4. NGIB

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    My usual comment:

    With guns, as with everything else, you get what you pay for.

    If these are your only 2 choices, I'd probably go with the Bersa. I've owned Bersa and Taurus and until Taurus fixes their terrible QC and horrible customer service - I'll not own another.

    Personally, I'd save a bit more and get an XD...
  5. JonM

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    ive got three bersa's all are 380's two are the 380 plus and one is the 7 rounder 380. all three excellent guns. the only bad part about bersa guns is if something wears out it can take a long time to get a part. customer service is excellent with bersa if you do have a problem but it does take a long time for turn around.

    accuracy on my 380's is on par with walther PPK and PPK/s and for me its better than with the sig 232 or ruger version.

    i dont know anything about the versions in the larger calibers but the 380's are fantastic guns.
  6. Rick1967

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    I am new to Bersa. I have the Thunder concealed. It is a 380 with an 8 round mag. Good gun so far. I have ony about 200 rounds through it though. Shoots nice. No complaints. It has eaten everything I have fed it.

    Plenty of excperience with Taurus. I had a Milinium Pro the PT111 in 9MM. What a piece of junk. I had a weak primer strike from day one. After about 400 rounds it got to the point where it was click, click, click, bang. I called customer service. Left 4 messages. They never called me back. I finally got through on about the fifth or sixth call. They told me to send it in. They told me some rediculous turn around time.
    I could see that it was a bad captive firing pin assembly. (I am a little bit of a gun smith. I am a collector so I have to be.) I ordered the assembly. It was only a couple of dollars. When it arrived it was for the wrong gun. I called five or six more times. Finally got through. They asked for the serial number off the gun. I told them. They claimed that from their records it was a 24/7. I said it says PT111 Pro on the slide. They sent me another spring. It was the wrong one again. I sold the gun back to the pawn shop where I bought it.
    I also have a Taurus M85 Ultralite. It shaved lead right out of the box. I will never buy another Taurus.

    Some people may think I should have sent it in and waited 3 months to get it back. I think they should build good guns to begin with.
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    Hi, I've own both guns. Let me put briefly and to the point the Taurus PT-145 is the biggest piece of junk I ever owned. Had to send it back for repairs to Taurus, wait for weeks and received back worse than it was before, jamming every other bullet, FTE, FTF in other words and I have to refrain from using other words since I do not want to offend any one...Taurus is total lack of quality and service. On the other hand BERSA is totally the opposite, quality gun never jams and the customer service I heard is great, I'm saying is great since I had never had to use it since the Bersa is flawless. The GMAN2. Good luck to you !
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    This is a +2 years old thread... just saying...:rolleyes: