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I bought a Bersa Thunder 380 Duo Tone yesterday. The pistol felt great in my hand. Besides, I had a bunch of 380 ammo sitting around with no pistol to shoot them with, thus the Bersa. I couldn't pass it up for $219.
I took it home, loaded it up with winchester and remington FMJ and shot around 50 rounds combined. Then 20 rounds of Winchester 88 grain Hp's.

70 rounds and the gun shot perfect. The DA/SA trigger pull is good and with some work I'm sure I can improve it.

The white dot sights are pretty nice and the pistol was surpisingly accurate at 30'.

I put the pistol in my pocket holster and to my surprise it fit. I put it in the front pocket of my jeans and it barely fit but it was in there undetected. There was a buldge but the pistol was all the way in the pocket.

I have a holstered T-shirt and carried the Bersa last night in the holstered T-shirt with a long sleeved shirt over it concealed very, very well. I could hardly tell the pistol was there. This gun is very consealable in my opinion.

The thing I like the most about this pistol is that it goes BANG every time I pull the trigger.

I'm gonna shoot it again today if it doesn't rain. I really like this Bersa so far.
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