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Bersa 380? As a carry or use gun?

Hello all


I don't own one of these! I did recommend to a female friend of mine to get one, after her nutty ex-Husband made threats against her! A shop I do a lot of business with sold her one used with a Holster, 2 extra mags and a box of shells for under 200! Being a single gal and of limited means, she laid it away and paid on it as she could! I was with her when she picked it up and we bought some extra bullets and went to the range, I Field stripped and cleaned the gun for her, shoing her how! We ran the gun through a couple of boxes of FMJ, then some mixed bax Hollow points and soft points the shop had given her with the gun! No falures at all! The gun was and is flawless! She has never had to use it, but her ex knows she has it and stopped the calling and harassment stuff he was doing? Not sure if it's the gun or not, but who cares! Yes, she could have bought a Glock, or a Walther or a Sig, but she's happy with the Bersa and no one has the right to tell her she picked wrong!

Thier are a lot of lower cost semi-pistols out there that don't get the respect mthey deserve! If one can't buy top shelf, and one buys carefully, you still can get a firearm that wil support your needs!
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