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Great little gun!

I have had a Bersa Thunder .380 Duotone for about 3 years, and have had only one failure to feed, which I attribute to some very cheap low powered .380 ball that did not cycle the slide well.

After I returned to regular .380 ammo, nary a hitch since ( and that includes shooting Wolf .380 ball ammo ). LOVE THE GUN!

Recently, a guy at the range had a Smith and Wesson /Walther .380 ( he proudly told me it only cost a bit over $600 ) that wouldn't cycle a whole mag through without problems. I kept my mouth firmly closed and went back to my lane, where I proceeded to fire six ( 6 ) magazines through my "cheap" little Bersa without a single problem. On my way home I realized that the entire cost of my Bersa ( including spare magazines, holsters and ammo ) STILL hasn't reached the $600 mark !

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