Bersa THUNDER 380

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by Tom the roofer, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. Tom the roofer

    Tom the roofer New Member

    I bought a Bersa Thunder 380 Duo Tone yesterday. The pistol felt great in my hand. Besides, I had a bunch of 380 ammo sitting around with no pistol to shoot them with, thus the Bersa. I couldn't pass it up for $219.
    I took it home, loaded it up with winchester and remington FMJ and shot around 50 rounds combined. Then 20 rounds of Winchester 88 grain Hp's.

    70 rounds and the gun shot perfect. The DA/SA trigger pull is good and with some work I'm sure I can improve it.

    The white dot sights are pretty nice and the pistol was surpisingly accurate at 30'.

    I put the pistol in my pocket holster and to my surprise it fit. I put it in the front pocket of my jeans and it barely fit but it was in there undetected. There was a buldge but the pistol was all the way in the pocket.

    I have a holstered T-shirt and carried the Bersa last night in the holstered T-shirt with a long sleeved shirt over it concealed very, very well. I could hardly tell the pistol was there. This gun is very consealable in my opinion.

    The thing I like the most about this pistol is that it goes BANG every time I pull the trigger.

    I'm gonna shoot it again today if it doesn't rain. I really like this Bersa so far.
  2. Righteous

    Righteous New Member

    its a good gun, I sell tons of them and have a hard time keeping them in stock

  3. Tom the roofer

    Tom the roofer New Member


    Thats good to hear :D
  4. allmons

    allmons New Member

    Great little gun!

    I have had a Bersa Thunder .380 Duotone for about 3 years, and have had only one failure to feed, which I attribute to some very cheap low powered .380 ball that did not cycle the slide well.

    After I returned to regular .380 ammo, nary a hitch since ( and that includes shooting Wolf .380 ball ammo ). LOVE THE GUN!

    Recently, a guy at the range had a Smith and Wesson /Walther .380 ( he proudly told me it only cost a bit over $600 ) that wouldn't cycle a whole mag through without problems. I kept my mouth firmly closed and went back to my lane, where I proceeded to fire six ( 6 ) magazines through my "cheap" little Bersa without a single problem. On my way home I realized that the entire cost of my Bersa ( including spare magazines, holsters and ammo ) STILL hasn't reached the $600 mark !

  5. hillbilly68

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    Same experience for mine, I got one as an inexpensive "hey, I have never owned a 380, think I will get one for the heck of it" purrchase. I was shocked at how accurate it was and the reliability. But the design lends itself to that. Not sure how it would hold up under a lot of use (will not be the case for mine) due to the aluminum frame construction. IMO, great value for a weekend paper puncher and a good training piece for young shooters.


    Bersa 380? As a carry or use gun?

    Hello all

    Ron L here = SERESURPLUS

    I don't own one of these! I did recommend to a female friend of mine to get one, after her nutty ex-Husband made threats against her! A shop I do a lot of business with sold her one used with a Holster, 2 extra mags and a box of shells for under 200! Being a single gal and of limited means, she laid it away and paid on it as she could! I was with her when she picked it up and we bought some extra bullets and went to the range, I Field stripped and cleaned the gun for her, shoing her how! We ran the gun through a couple of boxes of FMJ, then some mixed bax Hollow points and soft points the shop had given her with the gun! No falures at all! The gun was and is flawless! She has never had to use it, but her ex knows she has it and stopped the calling and harassment stuff he was doing? Not sure if it's the gun or not, but who cares! Yes, she could have bought a Glock, or a Walther or a Sig, but she's happy with the Bersa and no one has the right to tell her she picked wrong!

    Thier are a lot of lower cost semi-pistols out there that don't get the respect mthey deserve! If one can't buy top shelf, and one buys carefully, you still can get a firearm that wil support your needs!
  7. henryk

    henryk Guest

    "Thier are a lot of lower cost semi-pistols out there that don't get the respect mthey deserve! If one can't buy top shelf, and one buys carefully, you still can get a firearm that wil support your needs!"

    Yep, and I think I have tried most of them. I own a half dozen of them and am not really looking to sell any. Inexpensive does not have to mean cheap as in junk.
  8. Tom the roofer

    Tom the roofer New Member

    The cost is the only thing that is cheap about this pistol. I like it alot. So far that is :)
  9. TnRebel

    TnRebel New Member

    I love mine, but have one problem with it and it was my clumsiness that caused it , I spilt acid-ton on the slide and removed some of the coating and don't know how to fix it :(
  10. rufusgooch

    rufusgooch New Member

    Bought the doutone at Cabelas last week for 209.99. 300 rounds perfect so far. What a gun for the price. Accurate out of the box. Sweet gun. My wife wants to try the new 380 concealed carry as her ccw. Little smaller and a 8 shot clip.
  11. Tom the roofer

    Tom the roofer New Member

    Now thats a good deal right there.:)
  12. Ruger Redhawk

    Ruger Redhawk New Member

    A internet buddy has two of these Bersa's and swears by them.I've never owned or ever handled one.A dealer back home told me he's sold hundreds of them.He has a hard time getting them and keeping them in stock.Sounds like they are a bargain at twice the price.I'm not much on the 380 so have never bought one.
  13. Rick1967

    Rick1967 Well-Known Member

    That is the one I have. Great little gun so far. I have only put about 200 rounds through it. But it eats everything I have fed it. Not a single problem yet.
  14. Rentacop

    Rentacop Well-Known Member

    [ sounds of Rentcop chuckling at the mention in this thread of one more Walthur PPK jamming ]
  15. group17

    group17 New Member

    A great inexpensive 380. I love my duo and have had no problems with it. It's a little bigger than the current crop of mini 380 but at least you can put all your fingers around it. Good luck with yours.
  16. ninjatoth

    ninjatoth New Member

    My sister got this gun as her first gun.We both are unexperienced with autos,and she even let go of one hand a few times,very limp wristing,but with the 40 rounds or so we shot,it never jammed.It's been over a year since she got it and I believe she has not shot it any more than the 40 rounds we initially put through it,but i'm sure the mag I loaded back then is still loaded so the spring should be broken in.I need to get her to practice with it.
  17. AsmelEduardo

    AsmelEduardo Active Member

    I had a Bersa Thunder Plus 380 (15+1 cap. / double stack mags) and I loved it... I regret so much after sold it.
    Shot even AAA batteries... no jams, no FTF, no FTE, not failures at all... even being a double stack grip, fits my hand very well... I miss it a lot :(
  18. njjohnson

    njjohnson New Member

    I'm happy to hear all this positive feedback about the .380 Bersa. This, I believe, is going to be my next purchase.:D
  19. Orlandorealtor

    Orlandorealtor New Member

    Just bought a Bersa Thunder .380 for my wife today. Seems to be a pretty well made little pistol. Will try her out soon..
  20. adjohns3

    adjohns3 Member

    I picked up the Bersa Thunder PLUS, duotone on an online auction last week for a price I could not pass up. I am very pleased to read so much positive about them and hope mine will be as efficient, when/if I ever get throught the FFP paperwork and actually get to shoot it.

    Now if I can just find some 380 ammo that is not an arm and leg...