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Bersa Thunder .380 slide issues

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When cocking the pistol with the safety engaged, the slide catches and doesn't go all the way into its normal rested position easily. It even seems to be hitting something and causing wear damage. If the safety is off, everything is fine.

I am fairly new to handling pistols, and was curious if this is normal. I bought it from an old friend who said they shot 50 rounds thought it with no issues. I have not fired it yet.

Please forgive my noobiness. :D
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I never leave the safety on when manipulating the slide even with the PPK/s (similar to the Bersa).

I have years on the 1911, and it is a habit I've carried over to other platforms.

Once everything is setup, then the safety goes on.

The PPK/s uses the safety to activate the hammer decock. Safety on once, the hammer goes to "rest" position. Safety off, and then back on, moves the trigger to the ready position. Then safety on for carry.
Never charge a bersa thunder or ppk with the safety engaged. You can damage the gun.
Question is answered -
I'm movin on :eek:
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