Bersa thunder 380 combat

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by shataway, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. shataway

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    hey guys,any input on the bersa 380 combat would be great.thinking about getting one.I like the looks and the feel is good.Dont know much about the brand,or the 380 round.Is it considered a good round for a concealed carry?thanks...steven
  2. orangello

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    I haven't seen that model, but my former Bersa Thunder .380 was very reliable and suprisingly accurate for a pistol that small. My sister has it now, purse gun.

    Some people say that the .380 is not enough for self-defense use; i don't agree.

  3. gollygee

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    They seemed to have combined some of the features of the CC .380 & the Thunder .380. I don't think they've hit the streets yet. Bersa makes a good pistol. Some of the .380s have been reported as being picky about some brands of ammo, but they are a very small % of those sold.

    P.S. With the right ammo, they are a good SD weapon. I guess penetration seems to be the big concern with the .380 round. But the Barnes solid copper bullet found in Corbon DPX & Buffalo Bore DPX give good expansion & decent penetration. Winchester's PDX1 has also tested well.
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