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Bersa series 95

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Does anyone have any experience with the .380acp pocket pistols?

What do you think of this as a personal protection firearm?
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Bersa 380 is a good gun for the buck

I have a Bersa in 380 it is spooky accurate. One time I thought I would scare a stray dog away from my wife's garden from 90 yards. Figured if I aim right at him from 90+ long paces the inaccuracy of the firearm would just get a bullet close. The dog went down dead with the 90grain Hornady hollow point working perfectly. The dog was a German Shepard size mutt, one of hundreds the city people would release in the wild around our home.

Sad note is during the ten years we lived there I had to shoot over 700 stray dogs the kind people of the city of Albuquerque would abandon in our area. Animal control stopped responding after the first year of calling them. Over that period of time I know what works and what does not work with backup guns, carry guns, duty guns, and rifles and shotguns. The 380 hollow point does work.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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