Bersa Guys! I Need Advice!

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by pumpkinball, Dec 26, 2010.

  1. pumpkinball

    pumpkinball New Member

    I am a VERY proud owner of a Bersa Thunder 380. I have looked and can't find anything supporting nor arguing the fact that the 9 round magazine will or will not fit in place of my 7 round mag. Two extra rounds sure would make me a happier person. If you know anything for sure, please let me know.

    Thanks in advance.

    HOSSFLY New Member

    Well, first off you have a pretty good gun-
    I had one i put a few hundred rds thu with zero problems :cool:
    But i have no idea about the mag thing-
    BUT why did you buy it if the capacity was not enough for you:confused:
    There are some hi cap semi's out there in about the same price range-

  3. pumpkinball

    pumpkinball New Member


    I bought this due to several factors:

    1st- My wife won't have anything to do with anything much stronger.
    2nd- My dad owned his for about four years and has held a high standard for this particular gun...his opinion is always an influence.
    3rd- Accuracy is GREAT!
    4th- Reliabilty is a must.
    5th- Comfort in carrying. (I carried his for two weeks, but it only took one day to know that it fit me well.)
    6th- Comfort in holding and shooting.(Fits my hand like a custom made glove)
    7th- External hammers tend to catch my attention more than the striker fires.
    8th- DA/SA is my preference in carrying a firearm. (Arguable to some)
    9th- Simplicity and field stripping ability.
    10th- IT JUST LOOKS COOL TO ME !!!

    The only factor that I don't like is that it's a 380, But I guess it could be worse. The capacity isn't a big problem, but if I can have more rounds in the same gun I'll be glad to take it.

    HOSSFLY New Member

    Understand :cool:
    Hope you find the 9rd works :)
  5. USMC-03

    USMC-03 New Member

    I love my new Bersa but I can't help you on the magazine thing either. I also bought mainly for a light clothes carry gun and so my wife can use it without issue. Mine came with the rubber molded grips from Bersa and they are awesome. Gun fits so good in the hand.
  6. JonM

    JonM Lifetime Supporting Member Lifetime Supporter

    i love my bersa thunders. you shoulda got the 15 rounder its sweet as hell. my wife has the 7 rounder she doesnt like the 15. never seen a 9 round mag for em
  7. Eric0424

    Eric0424 New Member

    If the 7 and 9 round Bersa 380 mags are both single stack they should fit your pistol. Looking at Bersa's site, their 9-round mag looks like a single stack magazine with an extended base pad. I also found where someone mentioned a 10-round mag, but don't see one at Bersa. They may have been referring to the Pro-Mag 380 10-round.

    Quotes from the Bersa web site FAQ.

    "Q: I have the Thunder 380 7 round pistol, can I use a 9 round or 15 round magazine?

    A: The Thunder 380 9 round magazine is interchangeable in the 7 round pistol, however the 15 round magazine is double stacked and made only for the Thunder 380 Plus."

    "Q: I have a Series 95 will the Thunder 380 magazine work in my pistol?

    A: Yes, both the 7 round and the 9 round will work in your pistol."

    I had a chance to shoot the Bersa Hi-Cap 380 and their Hi-Cap 9mm on several occasions, both guns were solid performing, reliable and accurate weapons.
  8. group17

    group17 New Member


    Here is my Bersa duo 7 round with the 9 round mag in it. Since the cost of the bersa mags is one of the few down sides to the gun I felt the price difference between 7 & 9 was minimal enough to upgrade to the 9. Fits and works great!
  9. rjgnwdc

    rjgnwdc Member Supporter

    wouldn't fit mine

    the only one that fits mine is the 7 shot :confused: here's a pic

  10. DoyleTheDog

    DoyleTheDog New Member

    The 9 round mag fit and fed without any problems in my Bersa when I had it.
  11. sailor353

    sailor353 New Member

    I have a BT 380 that I CC in a pocket holster with the 7 rnd mag. The 9 rnd mag would be too big for pocket carry in a pair of Levis. I also carry a 442 on my waist, so if my BT runs dry I have 5 rnds of 38+p as a back up.
  12. levelcross

    levelcross New Member

    I think it depends on which model you have, mine is the CC and this is on the Bersa site,

    Extra low profile sights
    Combat style trigger guard
    Slim Slide Release
    Micro-polished bore with sharp,deep rifling
    Flat bottom 8 shot magazine
    Note: Not interchangeable with the 7 or 9 Round Thunder magazines.
    Intergral Locking System
    Lifetime service contract

    Love this gun, extra mags are pricey but needed.
  13. Entelzha

    Entelzha New Member

    From the good people at Bersachat.

    The 7 and 9 round magazines are interchangable in the .380 Thunders, however they will not seat properly in the .380 Thunder CC which is designed with an 8 round magazine