Bersa 380 Thunder

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by markaf, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. markaf

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    Does anybody have any feed back on this 380?? Most reviews are good ones, but what do you think??

  2. robocop10mm

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    A friend gave me one years ago (pre thunder model). It had been submerged in water for several weeks and was a rust bucket. I stripped it down to bare metal and re-blued it. EXTREMELY accurate, ultra reliable.

    I was out on my personal range and it was soooo accurate, I lost my mind for a minute. I aimed at the base of a steel T-post (fence post) about 20 yards away and carefully squeezed the trigger. The shot hit the T-post and came right back at me. I heard it wizz past my ear and my heart nearly stopped. I never shot it again and promptly sold it. Bad Ju-Ju. Good gun/stupid me.

  3. RL357Mag

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    LOL - I had that happen to me with an old H&R top-break .38 S&W. I shot it in my basement at a block of walnut - the bullet came back and missed my head by inches..I still have that gun, but it's almost impossible to get ammo for it unless I reload them - and I'm not wasting the money on .38 S&W dies. I think the muzzle velocity is somewhere around 700 fps for a 146gr. lead round nose. That's why the NYC Police dept. stopped using it at the turn of the last century - a good winter coat would stop it! The .380 however, loaded with 70 gr. Glaser Blue's has a 75% one-shot stop rating with 1,350fps and 5" of penetration
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  4. CA357

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    I had one and sold it. Not because I didn't like it, but because I always seem to be buying, selling or trading firearms.

    It was 100% reliable with ball or hollow points and was an extremely accurate little pistol. Buy one and enjoy it.

    My only warning would be to not use Gunscrubber on it. The blue/black finish won't stand up to it.
  5. greenjeans

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    I have had one for several years and it is a really good pistol. Mine has been totally reliable. Never had a failure of any kind that I can recall. The grip screws will work loose while firing, but a little dab of blue loc-tite or clear fingernail polish will cure that. Very accurate and easy to shoot. I have complete confidence in mine. Very good gun for the money and would still be a good gun for more money.
  6. Landor

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    I have the CC model. It is good for deep concealment but I am not all warm and fuzzy about it. It is ammo picky. The mags are expensive also. All and all it is an OK gun.

  7. burnsoft

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    Great little Gun! I got a used one last year. I was looking for a .380 to try out and the price was hard to pass up. It turned out to be a great buy and it is one of the guns that I tend to carry. A friend tried it out and ended up buying one for himself to carry.
  8. Mark F

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    Any and EVERY gun is GREAT, during your time of NEED. While I'm not much of an advocate of little Bersa's, they are certainly better than having nothing assuming it doesn't jam on you. If nothing alse, it gives you something to throw!
  9. Old Soldier

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    I think my 380 Bersa is a fantastic weapon for an unreasonable price (read cheaper). I don't know how they can produce such an excellent weapon at the price. It has many features that you would find on a custom firearm such a fluted ejection port, trigger over travel "knob", adjustable sights, etc. The only thing that I don't like is the lock/unlock feature that takes a key (issued). I think that makes it a "politicaly correct" firearm
  10. Rick1967

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    I have the Bersa Thunder Concealed. It is like the one in the picture above. But mine is blued. Really nice tight little gun. I have only shot a few hundred rounds through it. But it has worked well with 115 grain fmj, 100 grain lead round nose, 90 grain JHP. All are hand loads, max pressure, and will reaaly mess up a wet phone book. (Poor man's bullistic gel) The 90 JHP actually went deeper and expanded better than factory 38 special JHP out of my 2" revolver.
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    Why would you necro a thread from two years ago?
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    I have got to start looking at dates!!! Sorry.