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BerettaUSA IWB hybrid 64.00

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Anyone have any experience with the Beretta name brand IWB hybrid holster from the beretta website? It looks sharp and comfortable. It is between this one and the Shielded holster double phalanx. Please save any, " the 92fs is too big to conceal stuff". ;-)
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I've been carrying my Nano in an Old Faithful hybrid for the last few days. It's quite comfortable and the quick assembly kit was less than $50 delivered. Plus it's a small business and all parts are made in the USA, a few things that I love spending my money on.
slwarren said:
I have one for my nano and its ok. The leather is a little thin compaired to a crossbread. But it is perforated which is nice when its warm. It's not a big deal, but when I take it off with the gun still in it, it doesn't have enough retention to hold the gun in, so if your not holding the gun, it can fall out. I think this is due to the thin leather, where as my crossbread would hold the gun in, anytime.
Partly why I like the old faithful too. The kydex is attached to the leather with hex screws so you can adjust the tension tighter or looser. Plus as the leather forms the tension loosens up a bit and you can easily adjust with the screws as opposed to it being attached by rivets.
I wore my nano in my old faithful IWB for the past 2 weeks everyday. Very comfortable, other than driving it was barely noticeable to myself. I wore it tucked at the office and it went unnoticed. I had to actually show it to a few colleagues for them to believe that I was carrying concealed. The leather is starting to form well and I simply tightened the screws to adjust the retention. I was going to wait a hit more then loctite them but they aren't loosening on their own so I might not do that. I just did it to the screws holding the belt clips as they were walking themselves loose with the holster going on and off everyday.
I have to strongly recommend this holster to anyone I can. And with a 50 year unconditional guarantee it will probably outlast me!
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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