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    I bought a beretta handgun and i noticed that whenever i shot it it woul hit to the left a little. Then i noticed a small scratch underneath the pistol under the barrel. If you drop a pistol can that possibly mess it up and make it hit to the left or make it not perfectly accurate? Or would you have to actually bend the barrel?
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    Absolutely! That's why it is suggested that guns be cleaned from the breech when possible. Even a cleaning rod can ding up the muzzle and/or crown and affect accuracy! Barrels witout recessed crowns, such as pistol barrels, are more susceptible to damage.

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    It's also possible the sights are off a bit. Accuracy is affected by a combination of things: shooting technique/grip, your reaction to recoil, sights, the barrel, the ammo and distance.

    If it shoots slightly to the left, just use "Kentucky windage" and aim off to the right a bit if your sights aren't adjustable.
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    You might want a qualified gunsmith just to give it the once over....but it may be your grip and stance. Being a double stack magazine (I assume) your acquisition may need a little work depending on the size of your hand....a lot of variables that can be addressed...:)


    Beretta, Shooting off to the left?

    Hello all/Responce to Daniel

    Ron L here, = SERESURPLUS

    I was looking at your post, about the Beretta and you did not state the Model, but I suspect it's a Model 92? Thats not really the issue, but I'd follow the sage advice of the others in the group who sudguested two things to check?

    1. Get the Handgun to a Good "Gunsmith" (Check the Yellow Pages, or call a few Gunshops and see who they use?), let him check out the Gun itself, the Sites, the Scratch you were talking of, so that the handgun can be checked to see any Damage or sites bumped or anything amiss? They will check, then "TEST FIRE", to ensure all is well or needs repair?

    2. Try and Rent another handgun with a simular grip? As Boris suguested, rolling th grip in ones hand or a few other improper grip techiques can cause the handgun to shoot low and ot the left consistantly! If it does the same with other handguns, while yours is being checked, you can bet it's not the handgun, it might be your grip, squueze or rolling thr grip? Not meant to be insulting, but as Boris and I've said, that happens with many folks trying a wide grip on a handgun, Heck, seen it happen on a revolver before? Try all that, then Please let us know how that came out, we'd love to hear the outcome?