Beretta To Build New USA Plant, Employee 300 New Workers

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    NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Italian gun maker Beretta said Wednesday that Tennessee's support for gun rights was a major factor in its decision to build a manufacturing and research facility in the Nashville suburb of Gallatin.

    The $45 million plant is projected to be complete this year and create 300 new jobs.

    Gun rights were "the first criteria for deciding to even consider a state," said Jeff Reh, a member of Beretta USA Corp.'s board of directors.

    Reh spoke to reporters after a press conference that included Gov. Bill Haslam and Franco Gussalli Beretta, the company's executive vice president and director, as well as lawmakers and city officials.

    Reh, who led the site search, said there were some states considered that "respect Second Amendment rights," but they "didn't have the type of support that we saw in Tennessee."

    Several states began wooing Beretta from Maryland after the company raised objections to a wide-ranging gun control measure enacted there last year. Company officials said Wednesday that they have reached capacity in Maryland, requiring the expansion elsewhere.
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    Good for them. Anytime a business can show it's support for states that appreciate what they do it's a great statement about customer loyalty.
    As far as the states of California, New York and Illinois, let them have the companies that deal in politically correct items. It's so hypocritical that the most morally defunct states are anti-second amendment.

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    Huh. Too bad they didn't pick NH. There is a long history of firearms manufacture here in the NE, and NH in particular is pretty gun friendly.
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    Industry in America is escaping the Blue and swing states of the North and the Rust Belt. The conservative pro-business climate in the "NewSouth" is very attractive to companies. The "Red" states are growing in population and investment capital. The Blue states are declining in all positive economic indicators. The challenge in America will be power shortages. Obama is closing coal mines and power plants. The strength of American manufacturing has been in cheap plentiful power sources. :(