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  1. Beretta 92

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  2. Taurus PT92

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  1. laynejc

    laynejc New Member

    I have a question on quality between the 2 guns listed. Which is of better quality, the beretta 92 or the taurus pt 92? I know that they are virtually the same gun as taurus makes them in the old beretta factory.
  2. stalkingbear

    stalkingbear Well-Known Member

    I like the frame mounted safety of the Taurus over the slide mounted safety of the Beretta. Either will provide good service but Taurus warranty & customer service is better than Beretta's.


    SGT-MILLER New Member

    I'll go with Beretta. The M9 has proven it's worth with my unit and other military units, and sometimes Taurus quality can be spotty.
  4. propex

    propex New Member

    I still own my Beretta but I sold my Taurus...nuff said
  5. user4

    user4 New Member

    This can't be emphasized enough. You don't think about things like customer service until you need it.
  6. Dillinger

    Dillinger New Member


    I would have to agree 100% with S.B. on this one.

    While Taurus' past is spotty, their recent upgraded production facility is turning out some good weapons. They warranty is a true lifetime warranty, though some claim they are hard to deal with as Taurus is in South America and you have to send the pistol to Florida first.

    Beretta has a fine name in the world of shotguns, and they should stick with that. Their warrantly, I believe, is a year on parts and workmanship. After that, you are stuck. Their customer service is impossible to deal with from personal first hand experience ( one guy talking here ).

    A frame mounted safety is where the damn thing belongs, not on the slide - as indicated above. That is the way JMB intended it to be.

    Of the two choices, I would vote for punt and look at getting a 9mm 1911 or a Browning Hi Power....:p

  7. oldandslow

    oldandslow New Member

    layn, 3/4/09

    I have both brands, a Taurus PT-99 (same as the 92 but with adjustable sights) and a Beretta (but not the 92). At about a 3000 round count the right wing of my Taurus' locking block sheared off in mid-ejection and froze the slide partly open. After removing the locking block I called Taurus and they said to send in the locking block and they would replace it under their warranty. I sent it in and three months later had not heard back from them. After three days of calling their customer service I finally got someone to answer the phone. The gentleman who answered the phone was quite helpful and said they had shipped it to the wrong state. Soon afterward they shipped it to me and it arrived.

    I also had problems with the roll pin holding the rear sight onto the frame. The roll pin would walk its way out while I was firing, and the rear sight would fall off onto the ground. Rather than trying Taurus' customer service again I removed the rear sight, filed a dovetail and installed a spare HK USP sight I had lying around. Now the PT-99 works well, but I think the overall quality and customer service was unsatisfactory.

    And I may be in the minority here but I like the Beretta's safety/decocker feature on the slide. Since I use a high-thumbs grip I have trouble inadvertently hitting the safety/decocker when it is on the frame, unless it is a 1911 single action where I just ride on top of the safety. Thus the Beretta works well for me, as do the SW 3rd generation pistols. Sigs work well since the decocker sits in front of the slide lock lever. HK's are a problem unless I move the safety/decocking lever to the right side of the frame.

    best wishes- oldandslow
  8. laynejc

    laynejc New Member

    Thanks to all that have voted and have posted, my brother and I were arguing over the quality of the two brands. He recently purchased a taurus 247, and keeps saying that it is just as good quality as a beretta. I know that the beretta 92 and taurus 92 are similar, as of any other models they have that are similar I am unaware of. After some of the things that I have read here and other places on the taurus's I know that the only taurus that I will own is a wheel gun, which I do have. I do agree with all the members that posted about the frame mounted safety, I like it there a lot better than on the slide, but that is just a feature. The only gun I have with a slide mounted safety is a .22, and it is almost a 2 handed operation.
  9. 8000F

    8000F New Member

    The GOOD news with the Taurus is that it has a lifetime warranty...The BAD news is that you will need it...

    The quality of a Beretta vs a Taurus is like the difference in night & day. See above...
  10. big shrek

    big shrek Well-Known Member

    I'll pitch a fuss about my Army issue M-9 from Beretta.

    After about 1,000 rounds, look at the slide stops. Be AFRAID. Expect cracks.

    Now the M9A1 was the re-issue with a better quality alloy. But again, watch those slide stops carefully after 4-5K rounds.

    I'm not really fond of the M-9 OR it's clones. My old Star Model 30 went over 12,000 rounds before it even hinted of a problem, and it was cheap Spanish pot-metal.

    The 24-7 from Taurus is a lot of fun, I bought a 24/7 Compact for my gal so she could share shooting fun with me & get her CCW for protection. I'd have NO problems buying another 24/7 :)
  11. Scrapper

    Scrapper New Member

    Obligatory pro-taurus report from me:

    Got a 24-7. It's awesome. Have never had a problem with Taurus Customer service, and lifetime warranty is convenient.

    However, I have played quite a bit with the 92F, and it is a solid piece. A bit big, but over all a good shooter.

    I go with Taurus, though. The guarantee is the clincher.
  12. Biohazurd

    Biohazurd New Member

    The Taurus would be my choice, Better Customer service, and I agree with stalkingbear, I prefer the frame mounted safety over the slide mounted beretta.
  13. gglass

    gglass New Member

    You could be a poser with a copy pistol, or you can have the real deal with the Beretta.

    The Beretta 92 is one of the all time best IDPA and USPSA handguns. The Taurus isn't even on the radar.
  14. rjgnwdc

    rjgnwdc New Member Supporter

    Beretta eveytime

    92fs is proven time and time again, I own a Beretta and can vouch for the quality, my nephew has the PT92 and swears it far superior... but he's just a whipper-snapper what's he know:D
  15. hemiram

    hemiram New Member

    Every Taurus I've had has had problems, but no Beretta has, they shoot and shoot. My Taurus revolvers were way worse than the semautos, but they were still problem plauged. My PT92 was a joke, jammed constantly, and offit went to Taurus, and when it came back, it still jammed, just not as much. My Beretta 92FS never misses a beat.

    And there's no "pot metal" in a Star 30, a friend has one and it's over 20 years old and has thousands of rounds through it and it's still tight, and his dad has a 28, and it might not be as pretty as it was when new, but it still shoots great.