Beretta Px4sc 9mm

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    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and this will be my first gun. However, my brother has owned a 92FS Type F for a few years now and I've been around guns and shooting basically my whole life. I lived in El Salvador and that prohibited ownership, so I shot my Uncles' and grandmother's guns.

    Anyway, I got a Full Size Px4 for Christmas but wanted the Sub Compact instead . Went back to my gun shop and asked them to swap it. They had it overnighted and will be in tomorrow.

    The story behind the Px4sc is that I was looking up guns online and noticed that everything was being compared to it. I wanted a comfortable range gun that would be decent as a CCW. I wanted it to be decent at HD as well as cheap to shoot as a range gun. I went to a gun shop near Virginia Tech (where I go to school) and it just fit right. I'm a little over 6'5", 230lbs and very surprised that it fit well.

    I decided on the Px4sc 9mm because it's smaller than the compact so it's easier to conceal. 9mm because it's cheaper to shoot. The flip-down thing makes it fit my hand perfectly well. 13 rounds of 9mm ammo had BETTER be enough to get me out of any situation I'm in....just saying! Also, my brother has had such a good experience with his gun AND dealing with Beretta that I truly trust them with my life.

    Now for the help I need. I'm considering getting a 15 or 17 round magazine to give my pinky something sturdier to sit on, but just for range shooting. I want to upgrade the sites, either with something like Trijicon or dabbing some Glow-on onto the dots. I also want a flashlight, strobe, or laser that's easy to remove for HD that I can pull off. On campus, CCW isn't an option and it'll spend most of its time between the range and my the extra bulk doesn't hurt it. I've done the G conversion on it already. Any upgrade or modification ideas are truly appreciated. I'll try to answer any questions you ask, but enough people have reviewed it that a full review would be redundant.
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    I own both the full size & sub compact.

    My Full size


    My Sub Compact


    I like the both guns but shoot much better with the full size.

    I do not have any experience with the mags that stick out below the grip bottom.

    I would not my mag sticking out below the bottom unless it had the little finger rest that the stock Subcompact mags have.