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    A couple of years ago I bought a PX4 full size in 45 acp and loved the way it handled so I bought the sub-compact variant in 9mm and it shot like a dream even though I am not enamored of the double/single action my model possesses
    I quickly learned to make it work for me and loved this little albeit chubby pistol.
    About six months down the road I noticed a small chip in the slide finish on one of the serrations. Instead of contacting Beretta I opted to fix (cover-up) this small but annoying little flaw with one of the available repair kits. Before long the gun looked like who-done it and I stopped shooting it and called Beretta only to be informed it was six months out of warranty and typically they do not cover coatings or finish under warranty and offered little in the way of a solution to my problem.
    My question is has anyone else had this happen to their Beretta's with whatever that black coating is they use on the PX4?
    I ended up sending it to a small company called CUstomizedCreationz
    They did an electroless nickel plate, polished the barrel and feed ramp, made a new stainless steel guide rod and buffed the slide to make it look like brushed stainless. I am delighted at how good it looks so I took it out today and ran 50 rounds through it flawlessly. They seem to me to do excellent work if anyone has a need.
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    I had the same thing happen to my subcompact but a small flake up by the front sight.I was a little put off that it happened but over all it's not an issue.I originally bought it for my edc so I expected it to get beat up a little.Later on down the road I found a 1911 commander more comfortable for me to carry.