beretta px4 subcompact

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by karateguy28, Nov 19, 2012.

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    does anyone carry this firearm? if so, where and how do you like it. i hear it's a little bulky, but i'm pretty skinny. i'm trying to decide between this and the p938 for ccw (the glock 19 was just too "big" for my frame. i have a p238, so it would be nice to stay with the same manual of arms, but has sig fixed all of the initial problems this gun was having? still, i'm torn between the 2 and would just like some insight about the beretta. thanks! the one huge plus the beretta has going for it is the high capacity (13+1), whereas thr sig is 6-7+1.
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    I have one in 40 cal great little pistol . Bought it last year have shot at least 2000 rounds through it with not one problem as of yet. Like you said it is a little thick and the manual safety sticks way out from the sides(as it is ambisaftey)but I have made it my warm weather carry. Definitely not something you wanna wear with tight fitting clothes it will definitely print but great for loose clothing. I carry in a Ramora.

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    Hi karateguy28. I also have the Beretta Px4 Subcompact in .40S&W. If you were looking at the Glock 19 and felt it was too bulky, you'll find the Px4 SC to be about 0.5" less in overall length and a barrel that is 1" shorter. They are both about the same height, though the Glock does hold 2 more rounds (15+1). However, the Px4 is more bulky in the following ways: it's about 0.2" wider and about 5 oz heavier. It's like a little cannon. I'm 5'4" and thin. I don't carry it, but I personally don't feel it's too bulky.