Beretta PX4 Storm 9mm vs .45acp

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by Church, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. Church

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    So I'm looking to pick up a Beretta PX4 Storm and the only thing I'm hung up on is the caliber. I've owned several 9mm guns and have owned a 1911, so I've shot both calibers. I'm just curious if anyone here has a Storm in either 9mm or .45acp and what you think of it. I like the fact that you can carry more rounds with a 9mm, but I like the stopping power of the .45. If I could, I'd just get both, but unfortunately, that's not in the budget.
  2. Marthor

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    Since the guns are the same, your question is what's better, 9mm or 45 ACP?

    For many years, the Beretta M9 9mm was my main gun. I have 2 and was into it just because it was the same as my military training.

    Recently bought the Px4 Storm 45 & the XDm 45. I'm a recent convert into overwhelmingly prefering 45 ACP. No need to debate which caliber is better, but it comes down to a bit more capacity or a bit more power.

    If that's what your debate is though, that's why I picked up an XDm 45 that gives you both power and capacity!

    The advantage of the Beretta Storm is the DA/SA traditional hammer if that is your preference. That's still my preference along with a traditional external safety. Some other innovations of the Px4 Storm are the barrel twist to distribute recoil laterally which makes a difference.

    I still can't declare a winner on which one I like "better" between the Px4 Storm and the XDm, but I can say I love them both. To answer your question, I'd recommend the 45 just because I've changed my mind recently that a bit more power is preferable to a bit more capacity.

  3. Firearms4ever

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    My opinion is get it in 9mm. My reasoning is if you get it in .45 ACP you're only gaining one or two rounds more than a 1911 which I don't really see as an advantage. With the 9mm you get 17 rounds just like a lot of the other 9mm's out there. That's just my opinion.

    If you wanted to get more capacity with a .45 ACP then a Glock 21 or Springfield XDm will fit the bill, both holding 13 rounds in a standard magazine. You should go to some local gunshops and see what their inventory is and see what feels the best and fits the bill.
  4. rjgnwdc

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    I have the 45acp almost 3 years now. It's a great gun absolutely love it, have had zero problems... its a tack driver and its a breeze to field strip and clean... but my favorite thing about it is she looks cool IMHO:cool: Here are a couple pics
  5. trip286

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    I just read your intro post (by the way, welcome aboard!) and seeing as all your other guns are 9mm except for the .380, I think that is what I would stick with. It would just be simpler, but not necessarily easier, to keep all the same ammo. Think about it, just one huge stack of ammo, all in the same caliber, to feed all your guns.

    If you want a .45, that's all fine and good too. Your question is really a matter of personal preference. I think (just my opinion) that many rounds in 9mm are just as good as a few rounds in .45. Many would disagree. Personally I swing towards the .45 camp, but I don't look down on a 9mm-it's an effective self defense round.