Beretta px4 compact price?

Discussion in 'Beretta Forum' started by endobro, Feb 12, 2014.

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    So I was told to go to my LGS. And talk to so and so and mention another guys name and ill get some great just above cost prices. Anyway I get to the store and for a px4 compact 9mm they have it priced at about $629 I talk to the guy ask him kind of deal I can get he goes to his computer and quotes me $519.

    This is where the problem starts I look at cabelas and find the same gun for the same price. So I email the guy who sent me there and tell him this. He calls the store and writes me back telling me that cabelas is selling a base model for that price and the LGS is selling the one with all the bells and whistles for the same price.

    I understand needing to make a profit so I get selling above cost. But
    1) are there different features on this specific gun.
    2) if so what are they and what's the cost difference
    3) out of curiosity what margin does cabelas work on at retail vs a gun shop. All there guns looked at least $100 more
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    What each shop has for cost isnt the same from brand to brand. Typically cabelas orders in huge bulk or gets discounts from distributers to take a unch of unpopular items then we will get you so many x product at this reduction. A lgs typically doesnt have that kind of buying power.

    So the price quoted you is very likely the best he truly can get you and still make a profit.

    In wisconsin we have a 48 hour wait and different tax rates for different cities. Cabelas has crappy after the sale service can never get me what i really want, is 55 miles away and i wouldnt trust them to mount a scope much less a gun that might need service.

    You can do what you want but im no fan of cabelas or gander mountain or dicks or any of those big chain gun sellers.