Beretta PX4 9mm sub-compact

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by adjohns3, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. adjohns3

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    After a lot of reading forums and reviews I did a little trading with local indoor range (shotgun for this beauty) and last Friday picked up this beautiful Beretta Storm 9mm sub compact. I chose the 9mm over the .40 for personal reasons.
    As soon as the paperwork was done, I went right in back to range and got to fire about 50 rounds. No issues of any kind and was using Wal-Mart Swiss made RWS 124 gr FMJ.
    My wife kept calling me on cell (I tried to claim I had on ear protection, were other shooters and I did not hear her, but she kept ringing me since company was coming).
    I had been a little concerned about recoil with the size of this Beretta but absolutely could say it was not an issue in any way. After a VERY few shots to adjust, I as able to shoot a tight center pattern. One of the instructors from the range indicated he had never shot this gun, so he asked me if he could shoot. Took him ONE shot to adjust and he then put ALL his shots dead center.
    Obviously I look forward to getting in some more shooting this week and can follow up with more details, but for now, my impressions are highly favorable for this Beretta beauty.
  2. Don Davis

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    The Beretta PX 4 Storm Sub Compact is one of my main concealed carry guns.

    Here's mine.


    My wife has a full size Beretta PX 4 and I think that they shoot exactly the same.

    I love mine.


  3. big shrek

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    There's something that we learn in the military..."One Mind, many Weapons".

    Same consistancy in aiming leads to same hole in the target, no matter what weapon you use :)

    Practice, practice, practice :D
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    If i ever bought a Beretta, it would be a PX4. I love the way they feel in my hand. congrats on your purchase!
  5. mag318

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    PX4s are a great series of pistols, I have an early PX4sc and have been very happy with it, totally reliable with everything put thru it. My pistol is most accurate with 147 grn Winchester PDX1s and Federal HSTs.

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