Beretta NANO range report

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    Took my new NANO out today with my SIG Scorpion. (See 1911 tab for that range report)

    I took my NANO out with 3 types of ammo. 1. federal hydra shok hollow point 124 gr.
    2nd was Winchester 115 grain hollow point Whitebox and
    3rd was Winchester 147 gr ball ammo

    For the NANO I field stripped, cleaned, and tread with Hops Tri-Care before I took it to the range.

    I fired a total of 72 rounds. 100% perfection! 72 trigger pulls 72 target hits.

    The trigger will take some practice but nothing big.

    Shot low at first but adjusted my sight picture and was center of mass.

    I was at a outdoor range slight wind nothing big.

    This gun is amazing. Maybe not for it its grip size. Not for its magazine cap.

    But for what it is, a deep ccw personal protection weapon. It is amazing. Slide is cut from a single steel billet! How many guns can say that? snag proof, no safeties no slide releases no nothing to stop you from drawing and protecting yourself. Striker fired and it also includes a decocker! So when you disassemble, no need to pull the trigger. just decock it with a hidden button. Brilliant!

    Perfect little gun. when all the companies like S&W,Kahr, and others continue to make their guns cheaper and cheaper with MIM and CA law safeties and what not. Beretta made a master piece. Sparing no expense for what I paid. 450.00!
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    Thanks for the report!

    I'm sure that you will be posting some pics, right?

  3. DodgerBlue

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    I dont have a digital camera. I asked in the Scorpion range report if anybody has a beater old cam and got a new one for Christamas they can send me said beater cam if they like