Beretta Model 21A Bobcat

Discussion in 'Concealed Carrying & Personal Protection' started by druryj, Jul 4, 2010.

  1. druryj

    druryj New Member

    Any opinions on this little pistol?
  2. Pat-inCO

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    Since this is in the concealed carry sub-forum, I'll comment that the .22lr is - not - a good self defense caliber. Better than a small rock or sharp stick, but not really adequate for self defense.

    If you are looking for a plinker, go with a Ruger.

    If you are looking for self defense, the minimum would be a Bersa Thunder (.380) or the Walther PPK or PPKS (also .380).

    By the time you get to the Walther PPK, you can get several different 9mm in the same price range, with better self defense capability.

  3. Fleetman

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    They are good pistols and the tip-up barrel makes them easy to load. I gave my daughter one a while back.

    I have the Tomcat (.32 auto) myself w/CT but feel it is a little small for PD as is the .22LR.
  4. vezpa

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    I love mine. It was my first gun. The more rounds you put through it the better it works. I have somewhere around 1500 rounds through mine. Use non-hollow-point CCI ammunition for best results. Also keep it clean. It will start to jamb after 50 rounds or so if you don't give the barrel a quick cleaning.

    I even put a Crimson Trace on mine. Every time I take it to the range someone comes over to look at it and say how cool it is. You could use it for personal protection but I would recommend something bigger, at least a .380

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  5. General_lee

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    .22's and .25's are better than nothing, but not the preferred self defense calibers.
    My BUG is a .32 Keltec, my primary is a .45.
    I would feel a little uncomfortable with the .32 as primary... better to go with at least a .380.