Beretta mod 70S, grip modification or coating?

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    I have a 70S in .380 that I acquired. I really did not like the gun until I shot it. It is deadly accurate with me shooting it and I am inclined to use it as a concealed carry piece. There are a few things I need to tweak but I think we can get there.

    I already removed the hammer lock with clip out. Just annoying more than anything. Now I can lower the hammer with the clip out.

    The slide action lock sucks and takes too much force to actuate and usually require pulling the slide back a bit. I always prefer my guns drop with just a finger push. Do you guys usually mod the lever, the notch in the slide, or just add grease in there? Any other secrets? I am a machinist/engineer so I have the means I guess.

    Also, probably the biggest issue right now is these cheapy plastic grips. I was hoping to find some nice wood grips. I would actually machine them if there were any buyers for them. Takers?? Just not worth my time for 1 set so I was looking at just applying a coating on them. I thought about a grip sleeve but the coating seems a slicker approach if I can find something that will stick well and hold up.
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