Beretta M9 malfunction

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    I have a Beretta M9 that I have had about 2 years. I have only put about 200 rounds through it and have never had a problem, until yesterday. At least 50 percent of the rounds I shot failed to chamber. The slide was not going back far enough to chamber a new round. It is the same ammo I have always used; I switched magazines and still the same problem. After looking it over and racking the slide a couple of times I realized that the guide rod was sticking out about a half an inch while the slide was shut. I pushed it in manually and racked the slide again with the same result. I disassemble the gun and everything looked fine. I pulled the spring and guide rod out and reassembled it. I put it back together and the problem was fixed. It fed about 50 more rounds with no trouble. My question is did I somehow reassemble the gun wrong to cause this or does something need to be replaced? Can I expect this to happen again? I don’t want this to happen if my life is ever on the line. Thanks
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    Fail to load

    I am not familiar with Barettas. I have a Sig Sauer.

    Is it possible that the retrurn spring is directional? That is only one end fits against the base of the guide rod correctly? That is the case with the Sig. The recoil spring is tapered. As the gun cycles the guide rod would move up into the spring if installed backwards. That is the only reason I can see for the description you gave as to the position of the guide rod during the fail to load trouble. Was the guide rod seat OK when you inspected the pistol?

    Drop a note back if you find the problem.

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    Common problem with the Beretta. The first time you didn't get the guide rod all the way back on the barrel lip.

    The second time you got it all the way back and the weapon performed as indicated.

    I am betting you can replicate it if you take it apart and take a look at what I am talking about.

    I would say with only 200 rounds through your pistol, you need a ton more practice before you need to start worrying about the pistol giving out on you :D

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    Disclaimr: More than a few jager bombs/rum n cokes into the evening. Take for what its worth...

    I carried the M-9 daily for over 6 months but only fired about 300 rounds through it, and it sounds like the guide rod and or spring was put in backwards.

    Try breaking it down and inserting it the other way. Also, pics would help.

    I don't claimt o be an expert at the M9 (35/50 on my last AF qual...) Plus, I've been drinking tonight.