Beretta CX4 Storm

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    I bought this Beretta CX4 Storm .
    I was rather shocked as to how this gun feels in hand. It is built Rock solid.
    I got home with it and tore it apart in about no time at all. Very easy to strip down.
    The insides look very well made.

    The front and rear iron sites flip down to aid you in the use of optics.
    The extractor, ejector, magazine release button, manual safety and cocking handle are easily reversible for right or left hand use.

    Weight 5 ¾ ponds.
    Overall length of 29.7 inches
    16 inch barrel.

    This gun is blast to shoot. From the bench I held around 2 inch groups at 50 yards with cheap ammo.
    Quick to get on target. It has a simple and reliable straight blowback action and yes it will get dirty quick but it came with a cleaning kit. LOL
    This is one gun Ill never Sell ;)