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    I recently bought a Beretta 96D with single action and double action. I have not been able to find any reference to one that is anything other than double action only. Anyone ever heard of such a thing? It was formerly used by a law enforcement officer and may have been modified -- who knows???
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    Beretta 96D Material Slide Trigger Safety Magazine Length

    From Guns America.

    Many visitors to our store and web page readily understand the difference between Double Action and Single Action. Most, perhaps, do not. Since a chief goal of our descriptions is to be clear on the condition of our items to begin with, those more versed in gun language will indulge their less-versed compadres. When one sees the words Traditional Double Action with reference to semi-auto pistols, what that means is that the pistol can be cocked; it has a hammer and the hammer will come to a standing position for a light trigger pull to fire the pistol. On Traditional Double Action pistols, the first shot, when not initiated from a standing-hammer condition, is a long pull, usually 8 pounds or so; and then after the pistol fires its first shot, the slide cycles and the subsequent shots during that firing session are all single action. The popularity of Glock pistols and Glock clones has come about because every shot is the same. Even though Glocks have no hammer, they are full-time double action. For many years, all police officers have qualified with and carry, as a general rule, double action revolvers. It was an easier task, then, at the onset of the still-current prevalence of semi-automatic pistols, to train police officers and transition them from firing a revolver double action every shot, never firing from a standing hammer, to autos with similar trigger pulls. This Beretta 96D fits into that scenario. It is full-time Double Action. The hammer does not stand at all, ever. It does not have a manually operated safety because it does not need one. Its principal safety feature is the firing pin block; that is, the hammer cannot push the firing pin forward to ignite the chambered round’s primer unless the trigger is pulled all the way and that releases the lock plunger. This specimen is a 96D, fulltime Double Action, Beretta Pistol in .40 S&W Caliber. It comes with only one 11-round magazine, giving it a 12-round capacity. This one is in at least Very Good Condition with minor wear, white streaking and contact evidence, mostly confined to its sharp edges. It is U.S. Made but has Century Arms International’s stamp neatly and inconspicuously placed on the forward bottom lower edge of the frame, as the photos show. It has Trijicon 3-dot sights, its original issue configuration. The Trijicons’ luminosity is less than 5 percent of their original strength, this pistol is, after all, about 15 years old, but the sights still have a nice 3-dot configuration. This .40 Caliber Beretta 96-D has original factory non-slip grainy grips. Its bore and mechanism are excellent. We consider it to be Very Good with 85 percent or so of its original finish remaining, but we have included sufficient photography for interested parties to judge finish grade for themselves. It comes with a reasonably decorous if not attractive Century Arms generic foam-lined box and bar-coded label. Own a genuine Beretta for a Ruger price only $ 309.95
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    Beretta made a dizzying array of combinations & permutations of their pistols. They made a lot of special runs for different agencies. While a "pure" 96D is DAO, it's very possible you just have one of the special builds they created. You sure it's a 96D and not just a regular 96???
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    Beretta 96

    Oops! I didn't look at the model number after I bought it -- it was advertised as a Model 96D, and it turns out to be a 96 Centurion. Sorry for the confusion.:confused: